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Server not found.. has Been Found?  Babe_b10

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Server not found.. has Been Found?  Empty

Server not found.. has Been Found?

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Happy Server not found.. has Been Found?

Post  Marleysky Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:27 pm

Just a shout out back to Ron Cribbs...As you can see I have been able to reconnect to the CEF server. I'm on my HP desk top and I Googled " Cox Engine Fourm" and clicked on the link from there, and got back on.
For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about. I was unable to connect to CEF for some unknown reason late yesterday evening thru this morning. Every time i tried all I'd get was a white screen saying "server not found"  everything else and all other websites would work, just not CEF? ??
Don't know, maybe it was an Apple Problem.  I'll see when i go back up stairs and try the I pad.
Thanks for the response Ron, I appreciate it.  Rene
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Happy Re: Server not found.. has Been Found?

Post  Admin Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:34 pm

I was having "server not found" problems with the forum yesterday. I couldn't connect to Forumotion's (the host company) forum and website as well either. Figured it was on their end...until I noticed it would load on my iPhone. So, I went back to my MacBook and tried to load the forum in Safari instead of Firefox, thinking maybe it was a setting in Firefox (cookies, cache...)...nope, no connection using Safari either. I went ahead and turned on the WiFi tethering on my iPhone and connected my MacBook to the WiFi from my phone, BINGO, the forum loaded. So I came to the conclusion that it was the Comcast modem. I unplugged it for a minute or so, and plugged it back in so it would reset. I went to bed right after that so I don't know if that actually solved the problem or not. The forum loaded this morning though.

Seeing you too had issues brings me to think there's more to it than an issue with my modem.

While I was connected to the forum using the WiFi from my phone, I went into the settings of the forum to renew the gallery storage space (it was to expire today), and while I was at it, I noticed this announcement from the forum's host
Forumotion wrote:Following the new standards imposed by the use of a secure connection protocol, Google Chrome will display an alert for "Not secure" sites from January 2017. All HTTP forums pages will display a "Not secure" label as soon as a password field is Displayed on the page. If your forum is not in HTTPS, we recommend that you disable the "Login" widget and the "Quick login display" option. For more information, click here.

Wanting to keep issues at a minimum (members who may see a security warning and get worried), I went ahead and applied for an SSL Certificate which will give the forum an https protocol, hopefully removing any security issues. Everyone who has the forum address with the http protocol saved will be automatically redirected. They say it take a few days for it to be installed and configured on the forum.



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Happy Re: Server not found.. has Been Found?

Post  crankbndr Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:46 pm

I had the same issue a few days ago, it was intermittent and didn't last but a few hours.
Running OS X and Safari.
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Happy Re: Server not found.. has Been Found?

Post  getback Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:32 pm

Greenie for you Jacob , just cause i read all that , I am waiting for the prob. Ready Set Goo Babe Bee .049
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Happy Re: Server not found.. has Been Found?

Post  Oldenginerod Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:47 am

crankbndr wrote:I had the same issue a few days ago, it was intermittent and didn't last but a few hours.
Running OS X and Safari.

Same here. Sounds global Huh...
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Happy Re: Server not found.. has Been Found?

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