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The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

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The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

Post  MauricioB on Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:47 am

A few days ago I was watching TV, a model airplane program of my country, but they were visiting the BRODAK, USA, where the circular flying activity was carried on.
I grabbed the note, but they did a report to a Mr., pilot of circular flight, he said that the new generations of people were no longer so interested in the circular flight, and even in radio control, ultimately in the aeromodelling. This Mr. commented that the advancement of technology, the use of computers and cell phones, many young people do not even know what is the model airplanes.
In all that meeting, in the BRODAK, there was only one child participating ....
I know that many explosion-powered model aircraft engines were replaced by high-performance electric motors. There are many new model aircraft that do not tolerate that the model gets dirty with fuel or the noise is another latent subject ....
That is why the Cox line, like other engines, still survive thanks to the passion of those who are a few years old and have lived our beginnings with engines to blast, without internet, without cell phones, without these leaps and bounds of what is technology ...
I wonder then, will there come a time that the model airplanes will be a memory in time?
If it is so, it is a real pain to be lost or forgotten .... The aeromodelism generates in the mind ideas, illusions, moments, thoughts ... development, entertainment ... .creation, strength, acceptance, respect, tolerance, resignation, Patience ... love, energy ... and how many, many more things that make the human well.
It is my wish that many of the new generations, can discover aeromodelismo, and everything that generates this activity, simply a person, makes it a HUMAN, thinking, creative, and above all positive for life ....Watch video minute 22:14 on

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Re: The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

Post  fredvon4 on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:15 pm


Just my simple man opinion

It is true in America, and I suspect most of the rest of the world... many of the modelers in the 1920s through the 1970s were deeply influenced, by first--- deep patriotic feelings generated by, the better reporting of the Wars.

And locally supported by a very broad personal observation of some various military equipment in many home towns.

Also back then, as the aero age began, we marveled at Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, and Charles Lindbergh type history and the notion that we would dearly love to fly a machine

As time moved forward (fast) and each year, more and more modern innovation happened, we got used to, and even expected, things like space travel to happen.

So n the 60s when the Russians or the USA developed each space program we were already starting to NOT BE AS "in awe" of some things like newer faster airplanes.

From the 70s to now, technology and the realm of what is possible as moved so fast I believe at least 50% of the worlds population expects Warp drives, Transporters, and Replicators, any day now

Al that said...human boys ( yes Virginia I know that is sexist) at a young age, are very curious creatures. And once they experience and begin to understand, something---- they move on to other fascinating and challenging stuff very fast.

It is like so many of US here on CEF... at some age leisure time comes back into focus.

So way back when we were boys--- a lot of stuff was fascinating; Uncle Joe played with HAM radio, brother Bill had a toy boat, Dad built rubber and gas powered airplanes, kid down the street flew a Xmas Cox airplane...and on and on

So what I think is,--- the (NEWS), social, (Patriotic...WAR) influences---- and WHAT Neighbors, friends, and family did as hobbies or work...

Exposed many of us 60 to 85 year olds to a LOT of neat stuff way back when.....And NOW we can have a bunch of fun with time and money we did NOT have then--- and relive our youth

Knowing all this...I have deliberately infected my son and daughters with my hobbies...and also their kids

I hope 20 years from now my son, or 40 years from now, my grand son...will remember how much fun we had just starting and listening to a glow engine scream so loud

To that end, I have accumulated a bunch of stuff, and written a lot of notes, so they can easily dust all this stuff off.. cobble together some fuel and battery needs---- and make noise in the back yard

Mishaps even decide to pull up one of my preserved balsa kits---build, finish, and nostalgically experience a "I BUILT THE DAMNED THING AND FLEW IT" just like Dad or grandpa did

I am optimistic that 50 years from NOW there will still be old farts like me playing with Cox engines

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Re: The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

Post  Marleysky on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:52 pm

, l just keep watching the first 30 seconds, over and over. It certainly gets my attention to return to the hobby show. Yes, we need to get the younger generation involved. RC Plane I knew I shouldn't have skipped learning a second language like Spanish.
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Re: The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

Post  getback on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:08 am

You would think by now the younger Gen. would want to know more about the past , history and how things got started (It didn't fall out the sky) Bringing this hobby to the youth of today will bee difficult for sure ! Maybe one day in the future our sons sons will want to know and do what there granddad and even father did for fun and maybe HOW DOES THAT WORK!! Yes Rene Old but not dead . Cool lol!
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Re: The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

Post  Kim on Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:42 am

fredvon4 wrote:

I am optimistic that 50 years from NOW there will still be old farts like me playing with Cox engines

Agreed with Fed.

Though it may or may not return to the scale of it's former glory, SOMEwhere, SOMEplace, there will those who choose to pursue this great hobby.

Much like Radio Control clobbering Free Flight and Control Line flying in the 1970's, once it has had it's day, the new, super-easy-to-acquire-easy-to-play-with stuff may lose a lot of it's appeal, simply because of it's very attraction---no challenge to the intellect or need to accomplish something great.

My recent visit to the Pietenpol reunion provides evidence---if sketchy---of these future 'True Believers': young men and women with almost intimidating skills in multiple pursuits, including the 'Old School Ways'.

There will be some kid (kids) that decide to take a shot at building something, and his skill and accomplishment will inspire others, even if they've been mired in a brain-dead, skill-less society.

I'd like think that way, anyhow....
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Re: The aeromodelismo ..... does well!

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