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Yeeeowzer! Contest prep started today at Congaree Empty
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Yeeeowzer! Contest prep started today at Congaree

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Yeeeowzer! Contest prep started today at Congaree Empty Yeeeowzer! Contest prep started today at Congaree

Post  RknRusty Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:32 pm

My ridiculous limp is beginning to resolve if I just go slow and take the secret medicine my Doc prescribed. I even did some productive work on the Cardinal kit in the shop last night, first time I've been able to even walk out there in about 2 weeks. More on that later in its build thread. Today was flying day! The first since September 7th, right before hurricane Irma.

In our last episode, I was still trimming the P-40, not much left to do on it, and the Twister had a leaking venturi... or something spilling fuel. Being my hopeful flagship, I wanted it fixed soon. The RC guys were asking about my planes and all I could say is, Well, one's busted and the other one don't work!Lol. So I tied the Twister to the fence and cranked it up. It yielded its usual beautiful 2-4 engine run and the venturi area was dry as a bone. I didn't see the leak Wayne had spotted last time, so wasn't sure what to look for, but after a minute I realized the muffler was loose. Hmmm, maybe that had something to do with the trouble. One of the bolts was short and the shallow threads in the muffler had let go. A longer 3mm bolt fixed it, and a full tank later it was still dry. No sign of a leak.

We took it out onto the circle for a test flight to time the engine run and see if I could get a full pattern's worth of time out of it... today's main mission. After cranking, Wayne called me back from walking out to the handle to see a roiling ring of fuel piling up and spilling off of the base of the venturi. Well, hell, not worth timing now. But it was running, and I still needed to see if I could fly as gimpy as I am.

No strength, it was walking me towards it on pullouts with the wind really accelerating it on the down-legs, and I finally pancaked it at the bottom of a square. Or a triangle, or something. Broke the prop and got it all dirty, that's all. After it boinged back into the air, I flew another quarter of a lap and got it floating more than I intended, and I swear it stood still in the wind for seconds before it settled to the ground from 3 feet, and then sat down without a bounce, just like a VTOL, Lol. But now I know what needs fixing. I'll put a new Supertigre NV in it with a new gasket and Permatex wherever I can. Should be good to go for Huntersville, and we'll get another day, maybe two to fly before then. And I'll be more stable on the pavement in H'ville. And by then, stronger too I expect. The P-40 can wait, in the wind it pulls like a horse compared to the Twister, and maybe the wind will be lighter next time. Or maybe not, but I'll deal with it, that's Control Line. I just want to fly in Advanced at least once, successfully or not, doesn't matter, before it's over. It's the goal I set for myself, to "belong" in Advanced. And I do, but I just want to make it official with a flight. And if I fly that flight poorly, it won't be because I don't belong there. But I think I'll be able to handle it by then, as I seem to be healing up and hoping that continues... just like this past surprising and amazing Spring season. I should apply for a freakin' Energizer Bunny award.

It was really good to get out and BS with everyone, got some good laughs, and the planes came home intact, so I'd say we got the good outta the day.

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