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Servos for 1/2a rc

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Help! Servos for 1/2a rc

Post  micro 0951 on Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:57 pm

It's been quite some time since i've flown my cox powered plane and i feel now is as good a time to get her back into the skies before the school term starts. However, having only scratchbuilt of electric aircraft, i realized that some bits of my build are not very suited, or downright dangerous when used in a glow powered plane.

The lack of a cover over the electronics bay was merely a nuisance with oil getting inside but the more pressing issue are the servos, both the servos themselves and the way in which they are attached to the plane. In a move to save time (or i'm just lazy Laughing ) the servos were wrapped in blue tape and glued to the fuselage sides. The servos are Hitec HS-55s, and both have started to 'shiver', a usual sign of impending failure. With my field being as small as it is, i dare not risk any in-flight failure, seeing as there is a MOD facility (i've checked, its legal to fly at the field nearby) nearby having an uncontrollable plane capable of flying for 15 mins is a very bad idea, not just for the public, but for the hobby too.

I'm thinking of mounting the servos in a balsa/ply tray down the middle with some vibration damping material between the tray and the servo, though i don't know how effective this would be. So here's my question to the rc flyers of the CEF, what servos do you recommend for 1/2a use, and how would you mount them in your plane?

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micro 0951
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Help! Re: Servos for 1/2a rc

Post  Tee Bee on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:38 pm

I have had many HS-55s fail over the years, starting with the quivering like yours. I no longer install them. I have used several other servos in 1/2A planes but my current favorites are the Dymond 47s. I usually mount them with screws but place rubber shims under tabs to simmer the vibes. Pieces of fuel tubing are what I usually shim them with.

HS-65s have also worked ok for me but the Dymonds are my flavor of the month.
Tee Bee
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Help! Re: Servos for 1/2a rc

Post  MauricioB on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:41 pm

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Help! Re: Servos for 1/2a rc

Post  MiniatureAircraftFactory on Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:19 am

Since 1990 I have only ever used a drop of thin cyano glue to stick servos in on models less than a .25 engine ( before that I used servo tape ) , I have never had a problem with any make or size of servo with vibration damage , the only servos I have had that failed were some 2.5g unbranded ones in an td 020 FMK mini rainbow plane when I flick rolled it and the gears smashed due to being far too small a servo for the model speed, I tend to use the blue 9g ones on most models.
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Help! Re: Servos for 1/2a rc

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