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Medallion .049 Exhaust Throttle Muffler RC Conversion

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Medallion .049 Exhaust Throttle Muffler RC Conversion

Post  GallopingGhostler on Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:38 pm

Please note, this thread may take a longer time in developing, as it will be done on a time available basis.

Back in May 2018, I won a bid on a used good condition Cox .049 Medallion, earlier one with no spanner flats at cylinder top. Only obvious defect was plastic engine pressure nipple by the venturi was broken off, minor scratches, and engine was stiff and gummy from being run on 100% Castor oil based fuel.

CEF: Woo Hoo Won Bid on Medallion 049

I'm in the process of converting my earlier version Medallion to RC throttle. Here's the exhaust throttle muffler setup I got from Cox International back in mid-July:

Throttle ring slot width compared with cylinder between exhaust slits.

Throttle ring slot width compared with cylinder slits.

Throttle ring slot width other side (with idle exhaust dimple each side) compared with cylinder slits.

Cox installation instructions, Tee Dee and Bee tanked engines shown. Please note, Spacer ring "A" is not required if a starter spring is installed.

Now starting disassembly for any additionally needed cleaning and reset the piston con rod ball and socket joint. Back was on tight enough that simply using the Cox spanner did not budge it. To remove the back, I followed the golden rule: Don't force it, get a bigger hammer. With needle valve removed, wooden blocks to protect the engine and C-clamp to hold together, a tap or two broke loose the back cover without damaging or marring the engine.

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