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2018 to 2019 CEF Run What YA Brung UNLIMITED speed contest

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Help! 2018 to 2019 CEF Run What YA Brung UNLIMITED speed contest

Post  fredvon4 on Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:48 pm

Sponsored by PHRED

objections or advice on the rules must be open posted in this thread for CEF discussion


Run what ya brung* Unlimited speed contest
Gentleman's rules

Winners by CEF popular vote

Voting* between 30 April and 30 May

Paying winners to three places for each of the two classes...REED and FISE
$100 cash PayPal or snail mail

Bonus points* for documenting the build and testing

If we can NOT get 5 or more CEF members ( or non members) to participate and compete this will be my last attempt

I am simply too palsy and infirm to CD a 2019 COX engine max RPM contest

BUT if some one will step up, I will sponsor with similar Cash prize offerings


Must be Cox engine, and not some Cyclone Cox hybrid...that said; any typical Documented Cox hop up is allowed
Recommend reading Paul Gibeault's Mouse racer engine prep and tuning

It is a speed contest... this implies already best practices self limiting air-frame and configurations

If you have a very hot .051 TeeDee and want to see if a Baby Ringmaster BiPlane can turn fast laps...well give it a go, document and enter

Then stuff that hot engine on the nose of a thinned and lightened SkyRay and fly some more laps

Rocket assist is not allowed!

BUT!!!! I will offer a fourth prize of $50 for any contender that does a speed run with JATO ...documented and video taped......Evil grin

Point is to have fun, prove we at CEF really are the gentlemen we already demonstrate every day and perhaps entice some RCG RCU Stunthanger to be new members and participate

* Voting:
TOP MPH calculated from 32 (REED) or 42 (FISE) foot lines is 80% of the total
Build and testing documentation is 10% of the total
Execution, complexity, originality, uniqueness, fit n finish, 10%

* Bonus Points....By popular vote the best build and testing documentation On CEF will receive a $50 CoxInternational Or ExModelengins gift choice...or $25 to each supplier

between now and the final submission date I will get Jacob to help me create a voting ballot
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Help! Re: 2018 to 2019 CEF Run What YA Brung UNLIMITED speed contest

Post  Ken Cook on Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:07 am

This was a jump start of inspiration, I pulled out my mouser and cleaned the engine up. This event requires no fancy blah blah blah. Just go out slap a engine on a slab winger and go fly it. Get out that plane that didn't live up to it's stunt like prowess and see how fast it goes. The Swordsman 18, Stuntman 23, as Fred mentioned the Skyray, the Lil Wizard, all good mouse racer platforms. Light isn't the name of the game here, this is about A-B flying as fast as you can do it.  

      This is a well seasoned plane, not built by me but rather a well known speed flyer who has departed. I have owned this plane for 20 years. All the dope on the wings have cracked, probably old Aero Gloss which adds even more character.

Ken Cook
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