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"Cox Pee Wee .020 with 3D printed horseshoe backplate"

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Introducing the Blue Bee, the Blew diesel Medallion, and the disappointing OK Cub diesel.

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Introducing the Blue Bee, the Blew diesel Medallion, and the disappointing OK Cub diesel.

Post  rsv1cox on Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:22 pm

Playing around with "fuel proof" Lustrekote.

"Blew" as in away.

This is just for grins fellas.

As I was trying out Top Flights Corsair blue on the diesel head of the .051 Medallion I thought I would do the back plate on my latest "Silver Bee" too. Both turned out miserable, but I'm leaving the Medallion as is. I turned down the damaged .051 piston to fit back into the cylinder and will retire it to my odds and ends collection as a hopeless case. If I wanted a running .051 Medallion they are available.

Outside of the new plastic venturi (which will be replaced by a less attractive one) and the back plate it's the same rusty diesel I started with.

I like the blue back plate on the SB. I will fuel it up and see how that paint holds up to pure fuel, then probably sandblast it clean again.

The diesel OK Cub turned out to be a disappointment too. It's all there except the diesel piston. The first picture shows the engine piston at TDC.


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