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My new test stand Cox_ba12

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My new test stand

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My new test stand Empty My new test stand

Post  Slick049 Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:52 am

So I got a couple more engines cleaned up.  And the UPS truck brought me a bottle of go juice.  WOOHOO!.  Am finally going to get to make some noise.  But first things first I needed a test stand, as the model(s) are not yet built, for a new engine that requires a break-in, so went digging around the piles looking for bits and pieces to craft a stand.  Ended up with a piece of aluminum shower stall frame and a chunk of walnut.  I'm semi-confident this will suffice for the .049s.  Seems solid enough.
My new test stand Cox1410

Still sorting through everything, along with acquiring some replacement parts.  I messed up a cylinder trying to remove an apparently welded in glow plug during the previous cleaning session so I "won" some extra parts from that adventure.  
My new test stand Cox_1810

And gathered all the old handles and control lines into one carrier.
My new test stand Cox_1610

Found a box of props.  One can never have too many props.
My new test stand Cox_1510

As the collection grows, I'm looking to trade off the Enyas and McCoys, if anyone's interested.  Gonna focus on .049s.  PM if you need/want any of the bigger engines.
My new test stand Cox_810
My new test stand Cox_1111
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My new test stand Empty Re: My new test stand

Post  Levent Suberk Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:43 am

Good work. Very Happy Thumbs Up
Levent Suberk
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My new test stand Empty Re: My new test stand

Post  rsv1cox Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:11 am

Glow heads, gaskets, and heat are all you will ever need for the .049's if they are/were treated properly.

Better save those Enya's. Pretty soon you will want to move up in displacement. A new needle for the .29 and a few hours in the A/F boil pot will work wonders. Bet they aren't even broken in yet.

Nice job on the test stand, looks sturdy enough to avoid vibration.

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My new test stand Empty Re: My new test stand

Post  getback Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:12 am

I am with Bob on that , save those engines , clean-um up oil them for later use! Very Happy Babe Bee .049 That's a good idea for a stand , ease of use makes a BIG difference Thumbs Up
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My new test stand Empty Re: My new test stand

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