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Kinner Sportster

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Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Empty Re: Kinner Sportster

Post  rsv1cox Thu Sep 03, 2020 10:50 am

It's "seasoned" now. A little CA here, epoxy there and your back in business. Your pilot probably got disorientated and over controlled. Smile

Nice looking airplane that reflects a lot of work.
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Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Empty Re: Kinner Sportster

Post  Ricksrod Wed Sep 09, 2020 4:24 pm

I want to thank you all for your input and sympathy. on my loss of the Kinner. I think I will attempt a repair and and try and get her in the air again. After looking at the film and inspecting the plane I think I have come up with a reason for the crash.  The film seems to indicate a loss of control before the right wing came off. The wing was weak from my poor work adding more dihedral. It still would have came off at some point but I believe it snapped due to the sharp turn and dive caused from a failure in the connection point between the two halves of the elevator. (see picture). I think I gave up elevator and half the elevator responded causing the spin. Anyway it sounds good on paper,,LOL...Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Kinner21
Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Kinner20
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Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Empty Re: Kinner Sportster

Post  davidll1984 Thu Sep 10, 2020 11:04 am

Change for métal rod is not the firs time y se  trouble like that m'y tigermoth Hapen the same tings long time m'y is just fom Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Img_2027
Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Img_2028
Not very hevy plane tink je just week spot in Most model on m'y was ok To land plane plane is 4ch
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Kinner Sportster - Page 2 Empty Re: Kinner Sportster

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