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Jets RC fuel castor content

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Jets RC fuel castor content Empty Jets RC fuel castor content

Post  balogh Thu Dec 26, 2019 4:29 pm

A fellow modeler is selling out his stuff here in Hungary, including several canisters of original Jets RC fuel with Klotz oil in it. Neither he can definitely tell me, nor the   website clarifies what portion in the Klotz oil is synthetic, and what portion is castor.

Anybody here familiar with fuels and their castor contents?

I have always burnt fuels containing all-castor for lube in my Cox engines, , and  have some reluctance to use synt oil combined with castor, instead of all-castor, but if the Klotz oil contains at least half castor and half synt, I could re-blend the Jets fuel by adding some methanol and castor to raise the total castor to well above 10% (total oil still around 20%) of the fuel, that may already be safe for the Cox engines.

(But I am still hesitating to go for something uncertain instead of home-blending my own fuel from known portions of methanol, nitro and castor)
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Jets RC fuel castor content Empty Re: Jets RC fuel castor content

Post  Ken Cook Sat Dec 28, 2019 6:53 am

Balogh, keep in mind that Klotz is a trademark name not just a particular oil. Klotz is offered in full castor, semi-synthetic and full synthetic. I have used all Klotz oils and my experience has always been positive. I would always be suspicious if you can't find the info on the contents. Some manufacturers use weight, some use volume and the  percentages can differ. I also experienced issues trying to mix more castor into these types of fuel. The castor would go in and separate later on floating to the top. However, when I mixed Klotz Super Techniplate which contains 20% castor, it would mix perfectly. I never could figure out as to why the Sig castor wouldn't mix. I would obtain a variety of answers from temperature to the way the ingredients are introduced from the start to the length of time needed for it to break down.

            Sig Champion claims 20% oil content with 10% castor, 10% synthetic. It really is mine and many others go to fuel. Lately I purchased Fitz fuels which uses 18% Benol and 2% synthetic. I do like the fuel but I found it to be slightly problematic in some engines as I feel it's too much oil making a huge mess and causing the plug to cool off. Some of the modern engines I run don't require much more oil than 18% total.

                  If I were you and it seems like obtaining some of these engines are difficult for you, I would stick to what's been working for you. I have obtained so much of this stuff, it's nearly impossible to give it away. My experiments were based on a older product engine with the stepped walled cylinder. To sacrifice one ( Which I didn't) seemed to not be an issue. While I have many of these types of product engines, I'm not one to abuse them.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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Jets RC fuel castor content Empty Re: Jets RC fuel castor content

Post  balogh Sat Dec 28, 2019 7:15 am


thank you very much for the detailed answer. The stuff this guy has is a heli fuel with 30% nitro and 20% total oil content which is said to be some sort of a mixture of Klotz castor and Klotz synthetic oils.

I will try to figure out with, the manufacturer what the actual castor content of the fuel may be. Some people say the semi-synt fuels of Jets are based on 80% synt and 20% castor.

My excel table tells me that if I take 5 liters of this 50/30/16/4 mixture and add 2.5 liters of methanol, 0.7 liter of nitro and around 0.9 liter of castor, then I will have 9.1 liters of a 55/24/9/12 mixture (24% nitro on 9% synt and 12% castor) and this should be fine.

I may still use this fuel with my OS Max FS 56 alfa 4-stroke, if I decide not to feed the COX engines on it.

But the first thing I will do is ask the Italian manufacturer after the New Year's Eve about the actual castor content.

There is no way I would expose any of my COX engines to any experiment with unknown input parameters !
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Jets RC fuel castor content Empty Re: Jets RC fuel castor content

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