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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Cox_ba12

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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Empty
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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker

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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Empty Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker

Post  Jeffrey Compton Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:31 am

$45. eBay. I put a watch bid on it at the opening price. I figured I would be out bid but I wasn't. I find this odd because good Pee Wees usually sell around 50 bucks. Unfortunately the fuselage sides and lower wing are flawed. Not sure what I will do. I have a hangar Queen with yellowed wings so this top wing may go there. I'm overstocked and didn't really need this one. I guess it will go in the closet to wait it's turn.

Project Lil Stinker is on Holiday hiatus. I had to take the workbench down to make way for the Xmas tree. But after new years I will be open for business again.

I consider 2019 a success between the Prop Rod adventures and the Fokker follies. I got some things accomplished and that is motivation to keep PLS moving forward.

Happy New Year.

Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Img_5410
Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Img_5411
Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Img_5412
Jeffrey Compton
Jeffrey Compton
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Moderate Poster

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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Empty Re: Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker

Post  David S Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:03 am

Nice plane!
David S
David S
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Gold Member

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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Empty YET ANOTHER VINTAGE LIL STINKER

Post  Eddy Sun Dec 29, 2019 7:44 pm

Exactly like my 1st u-control plastic ready to fly plane. It was a Christmas present my parents gave me brand new in the 50's. Little did I know how to fly it, as on the one and only flight it made. the classic slack lines wing over, and done. The little .020 Cox had the cylinder bent back from the crash and I never fixed it. I did go on to the Musicano kits, with an OK Cub .049 A engine, and learned to fly over grass after that. Great memories, thanks for the pictures.
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Silver Member

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Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker Empty Re: Yet Another Vintage Lil Stinker

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