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Ring Ding.. a CEF contest? Babe_b10
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Ring Ding.. a CEF contest? Empty

Ring Ding.. a CEF contest?

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Ring Ding.. a CEF contest? Empty Ring Ding.. a CEF contest?

Post  roddie on Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:54 pm

What's a "Ring Ding" you ask? It's a model airplane idea of my own conception, which I envisioned this past weekend. The "Ring" element is in fact; a reference to the Ringmaster model airplane.  

wait for it...  (please..  Smile )

Walking casually through my workshop this evening.. I happened to notice my Sterling S1 Ringmaster's wingless-fuse..

Ring Ding.. a CEF contest? Ring_f11

... hanging where it's been hanging.. for some time. I chance to notice the tail-plane and thought; gee.. that's a nice wing-shape.. and a nice size for a 1/4A to 1/2A size C/L sheet-wing design. It's a 17" span X 5.25" root-chord ellipse-shape.. of approx. 85 sq. inches.

I envisioned some of the Goldberg-style 1/2A profile-designs.. which have had a lot of influence on my own designs.  

A sweet little # for that Cox Pee Wee that needs a home. Only requirement being that sheet-wing's profile shape.

Open-up the IC engine classes to include reed and FRV variants (all makes) thru .0999 displacement.

Might this qualify the model for the annual BOTR event? Some folks that don't have a Ringmaster to fly.. might now qualify? It would be a cool and easy build.

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Ring Ding.. a CEF contest? Empty Re: Ring Ding.. a CEF contest?

Post  batjac on Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:36 pm

Hmmmm... a 3:1 aspect ratio. Seems a little fat, but I'll try it.

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