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OS 40D Carburetor Help Please Cox_ba12

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OS 40D Carburetor Help Please Empty

OS 40D Carburetor Help Please

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Help! OS 40D Carburetor Help Please

Post  NEW222 Wed Mar 11, 2020 7:16 pm

Hi all. So I picked up an OS LA .46 engine that needed a bit of attention and was not run by the previous owner. Upon receiving it, I saw the small problems with it. First was the missing throttle arm. Well, I was lucky to find out I had a 3mm screw on hand and is the correct thread for that, so will cut it down and use a cut up servo horn for throttle control. Secondly I looked at the missing carburetor retaining screw holes. My luck ran out. It is not 3mm, so I did a search, and see 3.5 mm x 5 mm online. So I will look locally and see if I can find one, and if not, I will just tap it close to the size and use a standard screw readily available.

But now the biggie..... I then noticed that the carburetor airbleed screw is missing. Ths one sucks big time. So I am here asking if anyone would happen to know the correct thread pitch and approximate length for an OS LA 40D carburetor airbleed screw. It is not listed online seperately, other than coming with a carburetor. If you happen to know and could please help me in identifying that one, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

I had read somewhere befor of someone running the engine without it, but don't see how, as to me it is required....
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Help! Re: OS 40D Carburetor Help Please

Post  andrew Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:33 am

I don't have the OS LA .46, but did check the bleed screw on a TT GP .42  I checked both a 2.5mm and a 2.6mm -- the 2.6 fit quite well, the 2.5 was a bit loose. The longest I have is 8mm and it may be 2.5mm size. The others are probably too short.

See if you can get a length estimate (i'm guessing the spring is missing too) -- if you think 8mm could work, I'll send you a couple.

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Help! Re: OS 40D Carburetor Help Please

Post  fredvon4 Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:04 am

I have a spare rc carb off a LA46 marked OS40D

you pay ship to canada and tell address and what customs form gift
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Help! Re: OS 40D Carburetor Help Please

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