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Stuka Challenge

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Stuka Challenge - Page 2 Empty Re: Stuka Challenge

Post  DrCox Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:57 pm

Mark Diedrichs wrote:Doc, as usual you have knocked it out of park! Well done!!! Mark
NEW222 wrote:As was said many times above. Amazing work. I cannot imagine the time and patience to paint the pilots, seats, and cockpit details. Overall, I too personally like the shiny look. Thanks for sharing with us.

Gentleman, thank you and another vote for shiny.  Very Happy

Cribbs74 wrote:If you painted the gun, antenna and exhaust stack it would really round out your work. Excellent job with the pilots. You have quite the steady hand.

I was headed down that slippery painted slope, but decided to quit while I was ahead.

Dave P. wrote:Doc, that really is beautiful.  I love shiny!

Shiny is cool and old skule.  Thumbs Up

getback wrote:I have some / most of a Stuka but have been concerned about trying to get it together , from what i have heard its a Bnitch lol! Thanks for sharing .

I think all Cox modelers should have a crack at assembling a Stuka. It makes everyday problems seem minuscule in comparison.

crankbndr wrote:I found rubber bands are your friend on mine.

Now that is a great idea. If rubber bands are not available, then do what I did. I removed the two front port fuselage screws and the port screw just behind the wing. I left the port tail screw in which held the two halves together with enough resistance. When assembling the radiator, engine and fuel tank, the tail screw acted like a rubber band aiding in supplying just enough force to prevent the parts from dislodging. Just a thought that worked for me.

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Stuka Challenge - Page 2 Empty Re: Stuka Challenge

Post  crankbndr Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:42 pm

would not want to be the person putting those together many years ago
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