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two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 Cox_ba12

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two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 Empty

two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125

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SOLD! two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125

Post  Lane Puckett Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:18 pm

Thought I would offer up here first before heading to EBAY.

I have two (2) PT-19 trainers for sale.  These were long lost and forgotten in the garage and when going through it the other day stumbled across them.  I haven't cleaned the 40 or gee maybe 50 years of dust off them.  One has been fueled and/or flown it is broken/chipped and missing the tail skid.  I've tried to capture any damage I see but again I haven't cleaned them up at all.  The same one with a missing tail skid also has a cracked wing hold down rubber band guide.  Not the post it hooks on to the wing but the guide on the body.

One has a right hand prop and spring starter.  One has a left hand prop and spring starter.  Both are gummed up solid with dried castor.

I'm going to try and post up pictures but might be awhile as I figure that out.  I don't know why some photos post correctly and some are upside down.  

I have no idea on price, EBAY isn't too much help those are all cleaned up and sky high for prices.

First person that posts on here 'I'll take them for your asking price' gets them.

$125 plus shipping of $15.  That is $125 for both of them together.  Total would be $140.

I'll do my best to package them well to enable a successful trip to you.  Insurance will be added just in case.

I'm not on here much at all so hit my yahoo email which is lkp1atyahoodotcom  

two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200610
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200611
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200612two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200614
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200615
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200613two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200616
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200617
two (2) Cox PT-19 Trainers $125 20200618

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