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Tee Dee .010 and tee dee .020 on eBay  Cox_ba12

Tee Dee .010 and tee dee .020 on eBay  Pixel

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Tee Dee .010 and tee dee .020 on eBay  Empty

Tee Dee .010 and tee dee .020 on eBay

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Thinking Tee Dee .010 and tee dee .020 on eBay

Post  happydad Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:43 am

If anyone on the forum is bidding on Cox Tee Dee .010 or Tee Dee .020 please PM me so we don’t bid on the same items. I like to track prices and it is easier to make a bid and have the item show up in youR “bids” than it is to tag the item and have it show up in your “watch” area. I forget about watch items all the time, but if I placed a bid it is there in my bid area until sold.

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