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My New Handle

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My New Handle Empty My New Handle

Post  bakergw Sat Mar 06, 2021 1:54 pm

Hi All,

My new handle. Might not be anything new really. But its the handle I made for myself, which is very adjustable, easy to adjust, light, cheap to make, and easy to make, and actually worked very well for me.

My New Handle New_ha10

Its a piece of broomstick with a piece of 10mm x 3mm aluminum flat bent, drilled and screwed to the broomstick piece. the holes have been drilled bigger than the 90 mm long bolts diameter so as that they dont have to be screwed and twist the lines. just loosen the wing nuts to adjust and tighten when correct. The wing nuts at the end of the bolts are glued in place and drilled so as that line clips can be connected to them.

Worked surprisingly well  for me and only cost me about $5 ozzy in materials to make and half an hour of my time.

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My New Handle Empty Re: My New Handle

Post  dckrsn Sat Mar 06, 2021 4:35 pm

Beautiful work, Gary. The only suggestion
I could make, is maybe wrap the dowel with
some handlebar tape. The bare wood might get
a little slick from body oils over time. Most any
bicycle shop will have tape in assorted colors.
I see a clone of your handle in my future. Thanks.
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My New Handle Empty Re: My New Handle

Post  bakergw Sun Mar 07, 2021 12:54 pm

Thanks for the encouraging comments Bob.

It is a proof of concept for me at the moment. The dowel definately needs something done to it, maybe bike tape, maybe wood oil it, maybe hit it with bright blue rustoleum, or even sand it to fit my fingers a bit. The aluminum is screwed to the dowel with a couple of old screws I had in my box and haven't even been countersunk. Now Ive flown a fair bit with it, and used the adjustments I am happy it works, and the adjustments are very easy to make, I will make another one for real use. The holes are all one centimeter apart but I guessed the up/down center point, so this time I will scribe the centers, punch them, and drill with a drill press Laughing After I took this photo I made some little grooved fittings out of JB weld that were on the front bracket far ends to hold my lines wrapped around the handle. Didnt work well at all. Lol. I need to re think how to do that. Might make a bit of dowel that attaches easily on and off to the bracket part at one end, then I can rotate the handle easily to wind my lines up on it. I use stranded stainless .008 so I need to look after my lines well. Old Bugger lol!

I''l post some photos when the upgraded and better looking model comes out. :-)

Take it easy.

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My New Handle Empty Re: My New Handle

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