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Post  Oldenginerod Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:48 pm

A couple of years ago I posted some pictures of our newly constructed timber barn and Bob asked about our "Ghost Tree".
Bumper harvest Img_2010
This is this year's version of our lone apple tree. Sadly we've never managed to get much of a crop from this tree, maybe a dozen apples, either because no fruit has grown or we didn't get the net over it quickly enough to stop the birds feasting.
Well, after all these years, success.  Janet gave the tree a heavy pruning last year (via internet instructions) and it seems to have worked.  More apples than we'll be able to eat.  Looks like some stewed apples, apple pie, apple crumble etc. coming up.
Bumper harvest Img_2012
Bumper harvest Img_2011
A little scale and black spot on some, but they are absolutely delicious.

Happy Easter all. Easter Bunny
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Post  Cribbs74 Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:19 pm

Bruises, scale, spots, worms are all part of growing apples at home. The plus side is you cut the bad stuff off and the rest will be the best tasting apple you ever had!

Glad you got a bumper crop this year. My apple trees are just starting to bud/flower. Crazy how the growing season is so different from here to there.


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Post  Marleysky Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:41 pm

Happy Easter to you also!
I live in a area that’s known for its family farms. Grew up on Grape Street. Now I live just west of PeachRidge ave and Fruitridge ave. The apple growers have a lot of acreage with trees right up to the edge of the roads. They harvest them in the fall and then “trim” the trees for next years harvest. The crews that do the trimming cut the tree down to just a trunk and small limbs. In spring the trees new grow spurs fruit production. Recently some growers totally ripped the existing trees out buy the roots, piled them in the middle of the field and burned them!! I tried to get some for personal use, but they were all business and didn’t want to waste time. After the fires were burnt they plowed the ashes into the fields the planted all “new”  saplings 2-3ft tall. By fall they produced a amazing quantity of apples. Shorter trees, closer together= more product!
Moral of story; trim your tree it will induce new growth and better production !
Nothing taste better than a apple pie, made from your own homegrown apples!
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