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cleaning w ultrasonic

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cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 Empty Re: cleaning w ultrasonic

Post  rsv1cox Sun Dec 19, 2021 1:49 pm

Marleysky wrote:
rsv1cox wrote:People.  I don't understand the resistance to using or even trying Berrymans parts cleaner.  $21 at Walmart.  Simple, effective and cheap.  Fifteen minutes to an hour and you move on to the fun part.

If I'm doing something wrong list it here, because I would like to know.

No, you're not doing anything wrong. I just received my shipment of Berrymans from WalMart ( fulfilled by Auto Zone) delivered to my front door for $27 and change. Just finished reading ( Scanned thru) the SDS and Berrymans "can you handle it" guide for safe usage and clean-up.
Going to dump in a handfull of cruddy engines just to see how much fun it'll  be.  

There is some interesting notes on handling and using the stuff. It's a "two Part" liquid, the top layer keeps the bottom layer from evaporation.

Good stuff Rene, I actualy read most of it.

I did not realize there were two types.  Mine:

cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 P1012343
cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 P1012344
cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 P1012346

The important words for me were -15 - 30 minutes, and "without agtation" meaningful for me because I get agitated quite easly.  

Parts cleaner cabinet for big jobs.  It's seen an awful lot of car parts.  Not sure what the cleaner was, first owner of this property left it and about 3 gallons of "parts cleaner."  He was doing a Lotus Elan.  Since then it has done three MG's and a couple of lawn mowers.  

cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 P1012345

I use both in the four car garage with the doors open and gloves and try not to make a mess.  Smile  Marvelous stuff and my new go-to forsaking all others.  Quick, effective, and easy but I do wash the stuff off in Simple Green, then warm clear water with occasionally a final rinse using 91% alcohol.  Then lube and reassemble.
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cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 Empty Re: cleaning w ultrasonic

Post  Marleysky Sun Dec 19, 2021 11:05 pm

My first batch. No Cox, but Testors...for the test!!
Not Horrible grunge, but definitely Dirty:
cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 Dscn1110

left em in for 45 minutes, pulled them out, sprayed with simple green to wash off the Berryman, a warm water rinse and shake dry:
cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 Dscn1111cleaning w ultrasonic - Page 2 Dscn1112

Not too Shabby!!
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