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A positive New Years story

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A positive New Years story Empty A positive New Years story

Post  rsv1cox Sun Jan 01, 2023 8:20 am

A member of my family works in a bank. Yesterday a woman customer came in with an account but no personal ID saying that her purse had been stolen. The banks policy is that without an ID the bank can only offer a one hundred dollar withdraw. (You cannot imagine the ways people try to weasel money out of a bank) Distraut, the woman said that her rent was due and she had no way to pay it.

An elderly lady waiting to be served overheard the conversation and asked her how much she needed. $850 she responded. The lady reached into her purse and counted out $850 in cash (probably to be deposited) and with a "Merry Christmas" handed it to her. It shouldn't matter but the elderly lady was white and the recipient black. So much for the racism that the press tries to stir up every day.

Happy New year to all!
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A positive New Years story Empty Re: A positive New Years story

Post  fredvon4 Sun Jan 01, 2023 9:51 am

Bob thanks for the anecdote.  I know you are not on Face Book but I am. Mostly I deliberately "follow" some friends, my siblings and children, and quite a few Local or specific military or hobby "Groups"...IMO these are they only positives of most social media... Of course I am old enough to resist the obvious push fed crap just like changing the Radio or Tv channel...I am in more control than THEY are...grin

That said, several times a month, locally, are very similar stories of Giving and kindness. From simply trying to find the real owner of a animal, wallet, mail, set of keys--- to extreme acts of kindness like fully paying for the entire cart of groceries for the next person in line, not even knowing who that person is---to paying for the next persons Coffee or Burger.

Because of Face Book.. a media source I do NOT trust, These random reports mostly reinforce my belief in the basic kindness of "some" in our society. But more importantly these stories motivate me to be a LOT more generous in my helping and giving.

You may relate due to your service, the Combined Federal Campaign where by we service members and federal employees could annually make payroll deductions to various charities.  And eventually we learned to decide on what groups actually used the donations for good vs just enriching the top leaders and excessive over head. Again, thanks to media and watchdog groups.

Today with all the immense distrust of many of our institutions, it is quite illuminating that a noticeable number of our society has take to direct Samaritan behavior route.
This is a good thing

I personally donate blood, I ask the local animal shelter what they are short of and need.  I always contribute to the Admins of the forums I derive information and community on.  I tip my mail lady and garbage collectors annually.   I actually drive around and find Salvation Army Bell ringers (in our area they are not same place every day) When our Legion, DAV, or VFW has a fund raising drive for some desperate need of a member or simply a local family suffering something like a house fire, Wife and I chip in, add silent auction items, and spend time cooking and serving.

None of this is intended to be a "hey look at how good I am"

Rather------------ Bob's post serves to acknowledge that within out growing society are folks looking out for each other and my examples are meant to give ideas to any reading--- there are small but significant ways to help others.

May 2023 bring peace and prosperity to all our CEF Family...There is so much more here on Jacobs forum than just fun model engines!
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