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help with battery and fuel, etc Cox_ba12

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help with battery and fuel, etc Empty
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help with battery and fuel, etc

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help with battery and fuel, etc Empty help with battery and fuel, etc

Post  dsmithor Tue Mar 21, 2023 7:31 pm

I have a Shrike that has been sitting in my garage for maybe 20 years or so. The "Prop Rod" harkens back to my youth. What fun we had. The engine turns over and I know it will start. I just need fuel, a pump to squirt the juice in and a battery. Please connect me so I can turn my grandson onto that sound of an 0.49.
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help with battery and fuel, etc Empty Re: help with battery and fuel, etc

Post  944_Jim Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:33 am

Hi DS,

I use a syringe and heavy gauge from Tractor Supply Company. The smaller gauge needle may fit inside the fuel nipple on your tank. Passing the needle tip over a fine metal-work file dresses the tip off easily as the needle appears to be aluminum.

Fuel will be your next thing. Since you are just trying this out for now, I recommend buying your fuel in quarts. Hobbytown, Tower, Fitz Fuels all sell it in quarts. The common, easy to manage blends you should be looking for will have about 20% nitro, and have about 20% oil. That oil will be marked as a synthetic/castor blend. Your engine will survive s long as the total oil content is a mix of synthetic and castor.

You can up the nitro, but then you'll find it difficult to find fuel that isn't straight synthetic oil. I'll leave fuel blending alone for now, except to say I buy High Nitro Low Oil fuel and blend it with castor and methanol to drop the nitro and raise the oil. This is for my older castor loving engines. I have my favorite fuel blending spreadsheet (thank you Andy Batts).

Your glowclip will be sourced at eBay, EXModels, or Cox International. Or of you DIY, you can make a pretty effective clip from a clothes pin, some metal, and wire.

Tell us where you live (city/state) will make Googling a local fuel source easier. Not only that, but all states are represented here. Who knows...we may be neighbors.
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