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xa-8 1/2 a combat

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Happy Re: xa-8 1/2 a combat

Post  oldguy Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:04 pm

getback wrote:Sorry for the short response but , i found the build to bee a PIA maybe with better skills it would have went easier for me , some of the things i didn't quite get ..... Heck build one and let me know how it goes ?! For a TD .049 this thing would really get out of here ! The only info on it is in the pics. above Rolling Eyes sunny

That's ok for a short response, I am a man of few words. Thanks. Well if I do get around to building one it will be with a golden bee. Will see.
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Happy Re: xa-8 1/2 a combat

Post  Ken Cook Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:07 pm

That plane is a very old design and not a good one at that. Back then, designers were essentially looking at quick builds. If your in search of a plane that will fly stunt or even fly with combat like prowess, then I highly recommend the Brodak Baby Lightning Streak. This plane is essentially a Baby Flite Streak with different tail feathers. It builds easy and straight, it also flies terrific. It utilizes old timey construction with solid leading edges and trailing edges which makes repairing and assembling very easy. The plastic mount accepts horseshoe backplate or standard reedies as well. There's enough room on the nose to accommodate a small tank if needed.

I've added this due to something I forgot. Brodak changed the designs of many of their models to suit beam mounted engines. I'm not certain if it was for a choice few or all. Nonetheless, if a fuse was to be recut, you have 90% of the pattern to do so. What I have seen in terms of the Brodak beam mounts is that they designed the doublers not going over the high point of the airfoil. This has been a known for 60 years but I'm certain cost is the driving factor and one should change this as it will break off.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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