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Post  Mark Boesen Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:52 pm

Hello Mark.
I am Having trouble signing in to my Yahoo account, so cannot be active in the group.
However I am still recording alerts and was wandering what the parameters are for the tach race I have heard about.
Kind regards,

Hello Indra,

You might have to sign-up again for a Yahoo account, its really not a big thing, I don't know why people think it is. This winter we are planning to do another 'Tach Race'!

The idea came about on the 049 Collectors web site with talk of about unrealistic RPM figures and when I was mentioning to someone, about years ago, when I race Q500 that everyone would be comparing RPM's as they were getting a needle setting prior to the start of contest (no Pre-race flights allowed) and it almost seemed to became an event unto itself. And since the 049 group was a 'virtual' airplane club anyway, why not.


Here's a copy of the article written by the 'Contest Director':

First Annual 049 Collector’s Proxy Tach Race

Mark Boesen, our fearless leader of the 049 Collector’s Yahoo Group originated this winter event as a doldrums lifter for those in the colder states, and countries as well as a nice diversion for those in all “states of mind” around the globe. It started as a “whatta ya’ think of this?” kind of thing and ended up a real event when Mark designated me as the head judge and engine runner due to my location where nice weather could be counted upon. Seven people entered nine engines in our Tach Race 2009. With limited notice, some beautiful and purposeful engines were entered and sent to Southern Caifornia to a guy that only two had actually met face to face before. Trusting individuals, modelers are!

Graham Collins, Bernie and Xena Look and Paul Gibeault sent engines from frozen Canada and rounded out our International contingent this year. Not only that, they were all very generous with support of the event, Graham sending a finely made engine mount in which the engines were all run save one, and Paul sent the balanced props and two of his tachometers for me to use. Bernie and Xena sent me their entry gratis, a very nice gesture.

Our US entrants were Mark Boesen, Nick Van Matre, and Reggie Johnson. Hopeful Leo Squires sent me an engine that had been converted to a ball bearing supported crank. Technical issues prevented a competitive run after an fairly extensive testing period at his home before shipping, and though disappointed he’ll come back next Tach Race with this elegant Unlimited Cox reedy. I’m sure his new lathe will produce some great runners later this year, too. The event is simple enough, see which engine turns the highest rpm on the same prop and fuel on the same day in the same conditions. The APC 4.75"x4" propeller was chosen and I procured some Sig 35% nitro, 20% castor fuel.

The engine categories were devised by Mark, he chose a Mouse 1 style class and an Unlimited class. Both had to be Cox reed engines, Mouse conforming to the Mouse 1 AMA rules and Unlimited a more wide open class for the more creative among us. All engines this year were to be based on a Cox reed valve engine, no Tee Dee’s, Shuriken’s, Cyclon’s, etc. were allowed.

With six Unlimiteds and three Mouse 1 entries I went to work. I mounted Graham’s machined motor mount to the large engine beam mount test stand and bolted up the engines with integral tanks first. Paul “Mouse King” Gibeault sent two control props, one as a spare, balanced with a machined insert for a precise mounting hole and the appointed day dawned warm and moderate. With the sun shining brightly and the temperature at a relatively steady 64 to 68 degrees and 65% over the course of the runs, I was confident that our little “fun match” would produce a pretty fair contest between engine builders.

I ran Graham’s Mouse 1 Cox car case hybrid engine first and recorded his times noting he made a great looking enginethat was easy to start and run, the needle being sensitive but not too peaky. His engine was new, and had one run on it so it should produce a fine racing engine with a little more testing.

Paul Gibeault’s Mouse1 Golden Bee was very impressive for it’s peaky surging and abiity to produce a fierce shriek. His Mouse was tops in RPM’s but the steadiness was not there and had too much compression for a practical needle.

Mark Boesen’s anodized Blue Bee with the cylinder on it’s side, ran spectacularly. It started first flip, had a nice, quick needle but sat steady for a huge RPM number within striking distance of Paul’s Golden Bee.

Mouse 1 Results;

1st place Paul Gibeault Golden Bee Racer 20,400 RPM

2nd place Mark Boesen Blue Bee Sidewinder 18,900 RPM

3rd place Graham Collins Cox Car Custom 17,300 RPM

Next the Unlimited Class was up. I ran Paul Gibeault’s Venom, which holds the Mouse record set when operated by Bob and Bobby Fogg of California and it still has the stuff. The engine was again set up the same way as Paul did his Mouse 1. He had to guess what number of head shims to use. Our Southern California weather wasn’t quite as hot on contest day as it would have had to have been for the head shim count to hit the sweet spot, but it still put up impressive numbers and was easy to start with the starter spring. It was too over-compressed and very difficult to needle; once set at a nominal spot it surged instead of settling to a steady run. Even so, it was controllable enough to tach and he again won top spot!

Reggie Johnson sent a gorgeous purple Cox Custom engine with the Bee tank enclosing a venturi instead of carrying fuel. The engine was an easy starter, had a super quick needle but was right on with a steady run and great performance. Pretty and potent it was a fun engine to run.

Nick Van Matre sent his entry, which was a Reggie Johnson cast case Cox Custom on a plastic venturi mount that didn’t disappoint. Another easy starter, it ran right up to hot RPM’s and was a very nice looking engine in it’s yellow painted case and polished cylinder.

Mark Boesen sent an Unlimited that I nicknamed the Red Rocket. It was another engine that the builder had only run once before shipping it off to California and it performed beautifully. Red anodize was set off by a polished aluminum bent sheet type mount with a rear venturi and it had all of the good traits of easy starts, even by hand, and a very surprisingly docile needle response, especially for it’s performance.

Bernie and Xena Look sent me a stunning gift, a red anodized extruded case product engine on a plastic venturi mount that’s appearance is a real treat to behold. Another super easy starter, it ran right up and held a steady performance that was no slouch. Thank You!

Unlimited Class results;

1st place Paul Gibeault Cox Venom 20,200 RPM

2nd place Mark Boesen Cox Red Rocket Custom 19,800 RPM

3rd place Reggie Johnson Cox purple custom 19,400 RPM

4th place Nick Van Matre Cox cast case custom 18,800 RPM

5th place Bernie and Xena Look Cox red anodize custom 18,300 RPM

So from 11am to 3 pm I had run all of the engines, had a very good time operating them and I’m sure glad that Mark Boesen came up with this idea for a winter time respite for us all. I now have a renewed interest in the little Cox reed valve engines, and their super performance. I am very grateful for the participant’s that were brave enough to mail their racing engines to a internet acquaintance so I could run them in their absence. What trusting souls and great sports all of you are. Stay tuned for more interesting engines from these folks, and I hope Mark invites us all again to another 049 Collectors Tach Race in the future.

Chris McMillin 2009
Mark Boesen
Mark Boesen
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Post  nitroairplane Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:13 am

Thanks Mark so this year will there be somewhere to send them?
I still need to build one Smile
Although I have a few ideas.
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