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Selling items on eBay?

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READ! Selling items on eBay?

Post  Admin Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:30 pm

Selling items on eBay?

If you are selling items on eBay, post your link in the Off Site Sales and Auctions section! This section is for items that are only available to our members. If an item is listed on eBay, it is available to anyone and everyone!

If you haven't yet listed your item on eBay why not list it on here first. Both you the seller and the buyer will be happy because there are no fees unlike eBay and the buyer (who would be a fellow member) gets a better deal. For example, say you list your item on eBay for $100, after fees, you'll be lucky to end up with $75. Now lets say you list your item on here, you can list it for $85 and make $10 more than listing it on eBay while the buyer saves $15. Doesn't that sound better? Now, it's understandable that there is much more traffic on eBay than there is here but if everyone started to list their items on here, the buyers would soon follow. On here, you can choose to use any form of payment, PayPal, money order/MoneyGram, straight cash, credit card, trade, the list could go on. Of course you would want to use caution and get to know the buyer/seller more before using riskier forms of payment such as cash, credit cards and money orders.

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