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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Cox_ba12

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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty
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Printing out .pdf plans to scale

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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty Re: Printing out .pdf plans to scale

Post  fredvon4 Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:52 am


Thank you for the offer to help

Yes that is the exact PDF I got from Howard. Note the wing span on the plan is 39 inches to the widest part of the tips

In the inset is the profile of the wing chord and it is exactly 9 inches Leading edge to back of Trailing edge.

When I try to print it at 100% poster (tiled) the soft ware sees the entire page as 30" x 50" and because it is a PDF would NOT let me select a print area (like cropping) and each of my test prints in draft mode (save toner) and did not have those two critical dimensions properly sized

If you can successfully do this I am serious---- name your price

Above was the note about taking a print and Ironing it directly to the balsa/ply sheet.

This works well with Laser but not ink jet. The best success I had with this method is to set my print quality to high so there was more toner on the page to get heat transferred to the wood....draft quality (toner saver) mode was too faint a transfer to be of use
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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty Re: Printing out .pdf plans to scale

Post  ian1954 Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:43 pm

I use tile printing and find setting up the printer for it is quick and easy. I print with the marks so that I can line up the pages but it is a long job sticking them all together.

This is a plan that Duke sent me. The largest I have printed off - 25 sheets of A4.

Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Fanche10

It took me over an hour to tape that together!

I have found that some pdf files will not print accurately. Not many, two out of about 20 that I have printed. I don't why - I follow the same routine and that is a little frustrating and a waste of paper.

I also take the pdfs and convert them to dwg/dwf files. I then extract parts and use packages from "Devcad"

so that I can machine out ribs and formers. It also lets me modify parts and shapes to suit me. I can add tabs to ribs to simplify jigging, lighten ribs and because of the CNC router - cut plywood with ease.

This is the wing with half ribs following standard build and a little lightening from a Skyray 35 plan. (I have posted this before)
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Skyray14
This is the same wing with identical profile. Sheeting and capping strips have been applied.
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Skyray15

This is the CNC router in action.

I have built several models using this but not yet a Skyray 35. I swapped three sets of ribs for an LA15.

I use Print2Cad software to convert the pdf files but sometimes the resulting drawing has to be "touched up" to provide continuous cutting lines and smooth out wobbly bits of lines.

Modification is simple - I haven't cut this one yet.

Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Skyray11

Long story but I have found that the pdf file is only as good as the original plan used for scanniing. With all software there are anomolies

As I have mentioned - I have a couple of pdf files that I cannot print accurately (let alone scale!)
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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty Re: Printing out .pdf plans to scale

Post  GallopingGhostler Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:45 pm

Ian, really nice work with the CAD system, CNC milling machine and operation is impressive, too.

Got a few plans that I tile printed from Linux/Unix pdfposter command line utility on 8.5x11 inch letter sized paper:

56 inch (1,422 mm) wingspan DeBolt RC Equalizer, 24 tiles:
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Debolt10

30 inch (762 mm) wingspan Paul Del Gatto FF/CL Waco C-6 profile, 6 tiles:
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Delgat10

26 inch (660 mm) wingspan DeBolt CL All American, 6 tiles:
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Debolt11

18 inch (457 mm) wingspan Scientific CL Li'l Devil, 6 tiles (with heavy trimming), scaled to full size from 8-1/2x11 page copy:
Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Scient10

You may notice some unevenness of edges, caused by paper alignment issues with my HP LaserJet P1006. I just focused on aligning the graphic edges and lines. I used standard paper glues in the form of glide sticks similar to solid underarm deoderants, leaving enough untrimmed border for at least 1/4 inch (6 mm) edge for gluing.

Yes, there will be minor discrepancies here and there. If one concentrates on the overall picture, you can compensate for minor alignment issues and still have a decent plan to work from.

- George
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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty Re: Printing out .pdf plans to scale

Post  getback Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:20 am

Hey George have you built that All American Yet? Ian I like watching the CNC cut out those ribs like its nothing to it Cool . Since I am not to computer savey I just get really close to what I want and go for it , I just started printing my decals and cutting them out and tape them to another sheet closer together than the program will let you and copy ,save , reprint on decal paper > I know its a lot of waste but in the end the decal paper is the expense...    Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 New_de10 I just recently did a stupid // for got to spray my decals after cutting them out and being ink Is water that's where they went then thought Huh... I will save what I got left by retapeing on sheet and sprayed with clear Krylon (THIS DONT WORK ) has to be decal spray after soaking all nite they slid off ink went By By hard piece of lacquer paper left . Embarassed getback lol! DAMMIT!
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Printing out .pdf plans to scale - Page 2 Empty Re: Printing out .pdf plans to scale

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