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Cox Super Power Fuel

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Re: Cox Super Power Fuel

Post  crankbndr on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:16 pm

Got me three qts. from tower, going to run it in my MGT8 and see how it does. Hoping the castor will lower the temps some.
Same shipping as for one qt., for me no fuel is cheap. I either order online or drive to the next county north and hope they have what I want.
When I ordered the truck I got 2 qt.. of Powermaster Master Basher fuel that proved the be bad fuel, tried to break in the truck on first qt. of Powermaster and never did run right.
After 6 hours and 2 plugs gave up, the next day I got 2 gals of O'Donnell T-Blend and engine fired right off. Truck ran great till I used all the O'Donnell so I opened the second qt. of Powermaster
and no joy, won't run. Its too bad because the Powermaster is only 8$ a qt.

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Re: Cox Super Power Fuel

Post  RknRusty on Mon May 08, 2017 7:30 pm

This weekend I took my 2/3rd quart of 35% Superpower fuel to Huntersville, as one of the judges, Dave Wenzel, wanted me to fly his old 1/2A Wildcat. With the wind, we never bothered with it and it stayed in the aircraft carrier in the lower storage compartment until this afternoon when I finally unloaded my gear. There was a puddle of oil under the bottle, which was laying sideways. It was a cool 4 days and the bottle was not pooched, and upon checking the cap, I could not turn it any tighter. If the liquid got out, I know it lost some volatiles. So I'm curious if anyone else has had trouble with these bottles leaking. And I'm also just posting this as an alert to check your bottles.

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Re: Cox Super Power Fuel

Post  getback on Mon May 08, 2017 7:48 pm

Man i am glad you posted that i just got up and checked it and i think there OK ..  
lol! Thanks Huh... Woander whats up with yours .,, How are they mine are about 3 monthes ??
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Re: Cox Super Power Fuel

Post  roddie on Mon May 08, 2017 7:56 pm

I'm getting ready to buy some fuel (road-trip) from a hobby shop about 60 mi. West of me, in Sturbridge, Ma.... that caters to OTS C/L flyers. They carry Power-master fuels that I'm told run well in the old stunt/glow aero-engines that I have. I'm also planning on buying some qt. size metal containers to transfer "some of" the new fuel into. I'm a little skeptical of plastic-bottles. I've always kept my plastic-bottles of glow-fuel in dark-storage.. and somewhat climate-controlled (never below freezing). If you burn a lot of fuel.. plastic-bottles are probably fine.. but I don't know how much I'll use in a given time yet. I have 20+ year old 1/2A fuel (Sig Champion 25/35) in plastic pint/qt. bottles that still "seems" to run ok in my Cox engines.. but I have to wonder if I'd see a big improvement with "fresh" 25/35% fuel..

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Re: Cox Super Power Fuel

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