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A PT-19, a mourning dove, and I walk into a bar....

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A PT-19, a mourning dove, and I walk into a bar....

Post  flyjsh on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:51 pm

Below is a transcription of a conversation between FAA investigator Joe Smith and Airman JSH

Houston, Texas, 9/6/2014 19:35 CDT

FAA: Captain John, my name is Joe Smith. I'm from the FAA, and I'm here to help you.
JSH: (sound similar to exasperated sigh) Yes?
FAA: We are investigating an incident you may have been involved in.
JSH: (sound similar to very exasperated sigh) Yes?
FAA: Were you recently pilot in command of Cox PT-19.
JSH: Yes. Why?
FAA: We have had reports from persons on the ground that parts of another aircraft had fallen onto their property. We have also had another airman, one Captain Bird, that reports he was struck by a blue and yellow, low wing aircraft as that aircraft was overtaking.
JSH: Actually, yes, I did strike a bird while attempting a wing over in the 19. I filled out a Wildlife Strike Form, FAA Form 5200-7, and since the mourning dove continued on after having lost a couple feathers, I assumed he was fine.
FAA: So you were in fact overtaking Captain Bird at the time.
JSH: NO. I was practicing aerobatics in a prescribed and NOTAMed aerobatics box. He strayed into the box when it was hot. I am sorry he received damage, but it was his own fault. Besides, after striking Captain Bird, my student and I barely escaped with our lives.
FAA: How so?
JSH: When our right wing struck Captain Bird, the shock damaged our elastic engine mounts causing the engine to separate from the airframe. The resulting aft CG caused the aircraft to complete some 4 tight loops before coming to rest on its belly.
FAA: Why didn't you bail out?
JSH: The G forces we experienced during the loops were too great for us to egress successfully.
FAA: I see. Well, we did find find the engine in an adjacent property. There was significant damage to the glow head; however, when tested, it operated normally. Was the engine running when it departed the airframe?
JSH: Yes, for a short time. The fuel line separated with it, and the engine ran presumably until the fuel in the line was exhausted.
FAA: So you were not overtaking.
JSH: No!
FAA: And you were operating within the confines of the aerobatics box?
FAA: Well, as much as I would like to violate you for acting recklessly, since you were in the box, I can't.
JSH: Thank goodness.
FAA: However, as the engine continued to run after departing the airframe, I am violating you for operating a Rotorcraft without a certificate.

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Re: A PT-19, a mourning dove, and I walk into a bar....

Post  Cribbs74 on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:37 pm


I have requested submission of many a NOTAM, but never as described above. Good read.


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Re: A PT-19, a mourning dove, and I walk into a bar....

Post  RknRusty on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:05 am

I thought the pilot was going to claim they didn't bail out because their asses were glued into their seats. lol!

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Re: A PT-19, a mourning dove, and I walk into a bar....

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