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My Late week Flight Report - Me and Cribbs

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Shocked My Late week Flight Report - Me and Cribbs

Post  RknRusty on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:37 pm

Ron finally finished work early enough so we had some daylight to burn, as well as some of the new Cox Super Power 25/20 fuel. We took the Baby Streak known as BFS-II over to the churchyard and pumped her bladder full of the new juice. Following the standard protocol of Owner Flies First, We lit off the Big Mig .061 and it screamed up to the usual 24k it hits with the 6x2 short line prop. Ron the pit man launched on my cue and it jumped off the ground with exhilarating Norvel authority.

This was the first Big Mig Ron had seen in actual field action and I think he was smitten with the honey smooth scream and confident thrust of the Russian marvel. I backed up to tighten the lines and got it under control, leveling off, hearing it begin to unload and wind up to its beautifully quiet muffled full scream, zooming around the circle straight into a fully bushed out oak branch. The yellow rudder gracefully fluttered to the ground and a couple of yanks later the rest of the plane followed. We ran out and pinched off the pressurized fuel flow and I cursed quietly... the church yard you know... my wife yelling from across the street, What the hell was that!

Back to the shop, CA job, maybe not quite as straight as it used to be, but it's ready to try again. Maybe we'll do it on 35' lines next time. Tomorrow's forecast for 6:00 PM is 66*F and 2 mph wind. We will try again! But Damn I hate it when that happens. I've been flying with those lines all Summer out there. Oh well, so it goes. Had a great time meeting Cribbs, we toured my shop and fondled my fleet, ate a steak and tater dinner and all is well.

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Shocked Re: My Late week Flight Report - Me and Cribbs

Post  Cribbs74 on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:53 pm

Well that was quick, I just got back to my hotel room!

Yes, had an excellent time and enjoyed the southern hospitatlity. Being away from home has it's drawbacks so a hot meal among friends means a great deal to me.

So, if I run across any of you in my travels, just be aware that Rusty and Holley set the bar pretty high with a Ribeye, potato and fresh garden salad.

Looking forward to some more flying, and hopefully without any more Live Oak shenanigans...

I did say stay tuned for antics right?


Edit: The Norvel is a smooth and quiet engine!

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