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Old habits die hard Empty Old habits die hard

Post  ElectricTony Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:32 pm

Like a lot of folks here I learned to fly C/L as a kid, standing in the middle of a circle going round & round.
Flying R/C safely requires always keeping the plane in front of you, sometimes within a "box" & never flying over people.
The other day I was at the soccer field down the street alone & I just stood in the middle of the field & flew my UMX Radian in lazy circles around me like I was flying on 60' lines.
For a brief moment I was transported back to the gravel & scrub grass race track parking lot with my Testors / Wen Mac P-39 Aircobra going round & round.

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Old habits die hard Empty Re: Old habits die hard

Post  Marleysky Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:19 pm

That's just "plane fun".  A flashback to the '60's??   I attended a RC meet at the "tulip city airport" in Holland, Michigan a few years back. What fun that was. They had everything from a booth to build and fly a "delta-dart" AMA hand launched gliders ( and contest for the longest flight for those who built one) to scale jets. In between flights off the runway the announcer brought everyone's attention to the start of the   "Old timers vintage" control line circle across the field on the other side of the runway....a good distance away. As the planes  flew in circles the announcer droned on about how these old control line models  were the beginnings of today's modern RC models then " oh no! There's trouble folks, ole bill has tripped and lost control of his plane". As the plane with lines and control handle continued to circle wildly up and down, the drag of the control lines making the plane oscillate in the sky.......circling up and over the runway out of control! Don't really know if it did a figure8 or just looped and looked as if it was going to do a spectacular figure 9,  right in front of the crowd of a hot three point landing on the runway!!  Disaster adverted and the crowd applauded the flight ability of the actual RC pilot who had it under control the whole time! What a gag!  lol!
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Old habits die hard Empty Re: Old habits die hard

Post  ElectricTony Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:15 pm

1966 to be exact, I had the Aircobra for about a year. It met an untimely death & was replaced by a Cox Skyraider. My Dad worked in the City & we lived in the "Burbs" which meant he commuted back & forth so whatever time he had we spent as a family. I didn't have as much one on one time as I would have liked so one Saturday I talked my Dad into going out to the parking lot, I was going to teach him to fly. I explained to him the wing was held on with rubber bands & the plane would come apart in a hard landing & he couldn't hurt it. I was only partly right. On release the plane went straight up & straight down performing a loop & a perfect 1 point landing right on the spinner. I wish I could have seen the look on my face when he asked me "Is it supposed to do that?"
A week later he came home with a new Cox Skyraider in gray Navy colors. He never tried flying again.
That's why I think it's great when I see father & son collaborations here.

I'm going to have to mention the C/L - R/C routine to one of the guys in my club, I think that's funny as heck & he's a good enough pilot to pull it off. He does his R/C version of the "Drunk Farmer" routine, his plane is rigged so one of the wheels falls off on takeoff & one of the ailerons falls off in flight. He does land safely on the remaining main & tail wheel.
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Posts : 39
Join date : 2015-06-01
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Old habits die hard Empty Re: Old habits die hard

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