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Upcoming Sig Buster flight report Cox_ba12

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Upcoming Sig Buster flight report Empty
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Upcoming Sig Buster flight report

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Upcoming Sig Buster flight report Empty Upcoming Sig Buster flight report

Post  TDbandit Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:39 pm

Hi all please forgive the strange title, I finally got a flight in of the sig buster that I got recently and Talk about a speedy flight! flew smooth with good line tension! Anyway I have a video and I'll have it as well as a full flight report up as soon as I'm able to get somewhere to upload the video to YouTube then to here. This is due to serious problems with my internet which will not allow me to upload anything not even pics and it's taking me forever to just connect to a site in fact
it's taking me two hours to just do this! I'm not the only one having this issue, county say's it's the lines finally giving out which are over 50 years old but they are doing nothing about up grading it. Anyway I'll get it done...somehow...soon anyway so until then take care! (Bandit)
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