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I want to ask Santa for a mini table saw

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Re: I want to ask Santa for a mini table saw

Post  RknRusty on Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:01 am

This thread was from last Christmas 2015, and I quit shopping for a mini table saw after I concluded that there were no affordable new ones that suited my quality and safety needs. When it comes to safety, I am anal about things that can cause immediate medical attention. Not so much about vapors, but I do protect my eyes and other things that I don't care to incorporate into my flying machines.

And I actually have improvised with my jigsaw in a way much like Jim mentions, meaning; turn it upside down and hold it in my big bench vise. Now after reading Jim's suggestion, I'm inspired to do some more improvisation using a plate I believe have left over from an antique bandsaw I sold before I knew I'd ever be doing woodwork.

Four holes and some tongue clamps with lock nuts to secure the jigsaw plate underneath it should work nicely, and be easy to mount a rip fence on. Thanks for the brilliant suggestion, Jim. I am going to the shop and try this as soon as I post this message, because I am ready to start cutting wood.

Ken, I'm aware there are some carpenters on the forum, and you're my go-to guy if I have a question. I'm going to make a 45 degree angle tool small enough to use within the confines of ribs and the tight spaces, so I can make quality glue joints. Now, should I cut the angles on a spar from front to back or top to bottom? Front to back seems logical. I'll save my next question for after I prove I can make an angular joint.

P.S.: any further discussion of this project should be posted in my wing thread.

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Re: I want to ask Santa for a mini table saw

Post  fredvon4 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:07 am

The biggest problem with Jig saw contraptions is the up and down of those blades chatters the heck out of the wood and they are not very good for small thin material cutting

we have a similar problem with scroll saw and wrong blade sometimes but not near as dramatic as the upside down saber/jig saw

I had a spare/extra Jig saw and made the table for it from plans in a wood working magazine... it works but is NOT my go to tool for a delicate precise cut

The Rockwell Saw in Home Depot or Lowes is simply a Jig saw upside down... I saw (pun) one demoed at Lowe's and the entire tool vibrates a lot

Incra Tools has excellent kits to make all sorts of guides, sleds, precision band saw or router tops with fences

I have one of the junk HF 4" table saws that might get a decent small table top and fence made for it one of these days
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