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Cox #3601 water cooling clamp Cox_ba12

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Cox #3601 water cooling clamp Empty

Cox #3601 water cooling clamp

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Help! Cox #3601 water cooling clamp

Post  robertski Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:11 am

To sir or madam;

     I've been searching the Cox #3601 water cooling clamp for my .049 Dumas boat engine. I haven't find it one hard to get it. Do you have it or any idea how to find it for me? I'm willing to buy it from you.

Thank you,
Robert DiGiovanna

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Help! Re: Cox #3601 water cooling clamp

Post  OVERLORD Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:11 am

Hi Robert, That's a Dumas part number:

I'd search on EBay. There is also part nr CJ-012 which is the same but with 2 clamping parts instead of 3.



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Help! Re: Cox #3601 water cooling clamp

Post  roddie Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:32 pm

My Dumas #3601 is a heavy piece. I've never used it.. but acquired it a long time ago at a hobby shop.

Cox #3601 water cooling clamp 9-1-1412

Pictured to it's right, is a Cox .049 heatsink. I plan on running the Cox heatsink in a small open-hull outrigger hydroplane of my own design. You might consider trying one.. (might be easier to find..) When you consider some of the surface-models that Cox has put their engines in.. (of which most all used this heatsink).. it should provide adequate cooling.. as long as the engine's cylinder is getting fresh air around it. For the first trials.. I plan to start with an over-rich needle setting.. and gradually lean the fuel mixture through a succession of runs.. while checking the temperature between each run.

I'm assuming a lot here.. Are you building a boat for running? I'd be very interested in the design. Another option for water-cooling is to make a coil from aluminum tubing that fits around the glow-head/upper engine-cylinder. That would be lightweight.. but there's the complexity of making the coil. Plumbing and the pick-up, will add some weight and drag to a racing boat.
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Help! Re: Cox #3601 water cooling clamp

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