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Mud Dabber Logs Some Windy Day Flying...and Some Dead-Stick Time!

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Mud Dabber Logs Some Windy Day Flying...and Some Dead-Stick Time!

Post  Kim on Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:42 am

I was promised a relatively calm Saturday, with a guaranteed windy follow-up Sunday, so the old Kadet got a charging wire stuck to it, along with it's not-quite-as-old Airtronics transmitter.  

I didn't get the GoPro or key fob cameras charged, just wanted some gadget-free flying around for fun and to let the folks over in the subdivision know that the weird old guy on the hill was still ticking.

Got in a good flight even though the wind WAS picking up from the south.  THEN the old O.S. decided I needed some glider practice, and simply quit during a pass across the yard.  Luckily, Mud Dabber had a good head of steam, which gave it the momentum to turn and thread it's between the power lines and cedar tree, plopping down at the edge of the yard.

A new glow plug later, it STILL croaked at low power...fortunately at altitude...twice more, with some exciting approaches in the building breeze.  Figured the Kadet didn't need a fifth rebuild, so back to the shop for a look.  Turned out that the lower carb screw was pretty loose, so maybe that was the deal.  Gonna tie down the old dog and do some test running to see.

My Uncle Wayne asked me to get this Sterling Stearman going.  Built by my late cousin Bill,
it needs it's lead-outs finished, and a little deflection taken from it's rudder.  I'm also replacing the Fox .35 Bill installed with a more sedate .19 for it's first flights.  Bill always like plenty of power, but the .35 looked like it might take the 32" span Stearman out past the sound barrier, after it's wings sheared.
More to follow...

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