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Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

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Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

Post  Kim on Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:44 am

So, with winds coming up before I could finish a new GoPro mount for my old Kadet, I decided to test some of the samples of fuel that I've accumulated.  The ages and nitro contents vary, so it's NOT very scientific, but the test might still be useful to new guys and the ones returning to the wonderful world of live nitro.

From a Sport Flying standpoint, any of them will turn an engine fast enough to boost an R/C into the air, or pull a control liner around it's circle.

The test engine is one of my hard-working Cox Tee Dee .049's that has spent a lot of time hauling my 2 Meter Bird of Time Sailplane to altitude.  Well, broken-in and a good-natured starter, it was laying around handy while the B.O.T. tried out another Tee Dee.

It's topped with a Cox Tee Dee head, with 1 new gasket, and pulling fuel from an open vent test tank.  It's prop is a balanced Cox 5-3 Gray.  The Tee Dee was started, allowed to warm up with a rich setting, then peaked out for a minute or so before the RPM was recorded.  I knocked off what looked to be the top and bottom readings, going for the middle of the road numbers.

In what COULD be called Tee Dee abuse, I even tried some ancient Cox Super Fuel from Ye Olden Days, and was surprised to see it fire up the engine, though with a really fussy needle.

Not pictured, but also tested was some Sig .15%, which I use quite a bit because it will run the smaller engines very similar to the Fitz Fuels, while also running well in the larger .15 sizes that launch my 3 Meter B.O.T.

I know it's all pretty much a retread of the numbers we've gotten before but, as I said...I got bored and the little engine was laying there so...

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Re: Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

Post  RknRusty on Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:32 am

Wow. The Cox Super Power 35% blew the doors off of Sig 35. Btw, the old Cox red can is... was 30%. But I'm betting yours was low on nitro, if not methanol too. I only ever had a test bottle of the new Cox 35, but I got some of the best runs ever with it in my Li'l Satan's Tee Dee.
Thanks for the entertainment.

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Re: Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

Post  1/2A Nut on Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:07 am

Up to a 3,150 rpm spread from top to bottom %

I use Fritz 35% / 20% castor can recommend.
1/2A Nut
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Re: Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

Post  fredvon4 on Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:38 pm

This reminded me I need to order Torco Nitro and meth and more Sig Castor

I put a few NIB .35s in service and compared to the 1/2a stuff they love to eat fuel

I also need to swing by the Sherwin Williams paint store one of these days and get a few more quart and gallon CANs

clean, all metal, seal good caps, keeps good fuel good longer than the plastic crap they keep sending us fuel in

All my Tower and Sig quart bottles have a bulged non flat bottom despite me spending a lot to keep this Barn temp controlled no cooler than 50F and no hotter than 85F

Hell I am so OCD about long term storage of fuel...I bought a bunch( 12 gallons) from a LHS going out of business sale...That I wrap tin foil around the plastic jugs and cover with dark towel inside a fire proof container

Short term use light and humidity are not a serious problem but keeping fuel for a few years it needs to be out of any UV light , temp controlled and sealed tight

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Re: Kim's unofficial, totally non-scientific, Friday morning fuel tests

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