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Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

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Thinking Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

Post  fredvon4 on Wed May 03, 2017 1:17 pm

Point in a second

Realizing there is a younger crowd reading  ( OK maybe I think I am too compelling a member to NOT read what I write, and may be this is a wrong assumption)

But for anyone without the mileage many of us old cooters have are a few thoughts and lessons I mostly learned the hard way, even as I am/was what I think a very no sorta....OK NOT so smart person

As I sit here I am yet again recovering from some dumb moment where I managed to damage myself quite severely

Lack of fear?
Just old and NOT paying attention?
One too many drinkey poos?
Distracted, tired, ?

Well probably all of the above for the latest PHRED is a Dumb [bleep] damage

Both of my hands tell a 40 year long story (seeing I am approaching 62) maybe longer ---but I tend to think the road rash from crashed tricycles, bicycles, skate boards, go carts, mini bikes as just scar and character building events any 1850~1960 kid went through

Listed in no particular chronological order: (just as I look at my healing finger)
1. Very deep gash left top of thumb from drawing a Xacto knife toward instead of away
2. Left hand pinky sliced to the bone from Box cutter....hand surgery, micro nerve and tendon re-connection but finger no longer extends, but will grip
3. Left hand index finger end tip removed in NO guard Skill saw after cut off 2x4

4. Point of this post...Last week left hand middle finger reduced 3/8th of an inch when board kicked back on Jointer NOT using a pusher stick and that 3600RPM  3 bladed thingy was very efficient at reducing stock....!!!

5. Left hand 3rd finger reconstructed after MC crash of 2014... permanently frozen straight...But hell it has grip and feeling...hand surgeon staring to think I may need mental health care and said so

OK this is getting long enough to loose viewers

NO pictures!

I guess we all need to revisit from time to time the importance of EYES-Hands --and ALL the rest of our bodies

OK add your stories

Surprisingly my Right hand (and I am right handed) has survived these 62 years ---- just road rashes and mashed but it still fully articulates and has all the meat n bone I was born the arthritis in THAT hand is getting pretty annoying

Last edited by fredvon4 on Thu May 04, 2017 8:41 am; edited 1 time in total
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Thinking Re: Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

Post  Kim on Wed May 03, 2017 1:47 pm

Seems like a totally normal life to me...

Most of my 'mistake' injuries have healed, though I still have a dead nerve spot on my right index finger from reaching THROUGH instead of AROUND the prop arc of my Lazy Bee's full-bore O.S. .10 to attempt a needle valve adjustment.

APC props have little mercy for the complacent !!!!

Dead Finger Kim
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Thinking Re: Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

Post  pkrankow on Wed May 03, 2017 3:09 pm

Road rash... LOL. Yes, lots from growing up. I have significantly less road rash from after getting toe clips on the pedals of my bike.

I HATE t-posts, particularly the flat stamped ones that are often used for drift fence / crowd control fence post. I grabbed one and sliced through 3 fingers, have nerve damage in the tip of my middle finger.

I was getting a tire down at work and managed to slip, grab the top of a shelf post, and tear a huge flap out of my hand. The ER Doc who stitched me up was getting the willies because lidocane doesn't do much to me and I could feel what he was doing. He made it crooked so I have an "interesting" scar. The doc ain't supposed to go bloodless white while stitching you up.

I have a crooked fingerprint because a razor knife was left open in a tool box. Taped the rather large flap back on and it stayed in place. Same middle finger as the nerve damage.

Years ago in high school shop class the teacher has us make a list of body parts that we are willing to loose and not loose from improper PPE. I felt that hair was acceptable as it grows back, and I thought it funny at the time. He made students with more smart a** responses wear eyepatches and blindfolds, tie hands behind the back, wear mittens, and other silly stuff to see how much they could do. I just got the evil eye!

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Thinking Re: Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

Post  akjgardner on Wed May 03, 2017 4:54 pm

I used to run around all summer with half toes too. They would grow back in the winter but come next summer they where ground down again. Iv'e had 2 exacto mishaps and a utility knife wound while roofi ng my house.
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Thinking Re: Admission of stupidity...well maybe maybe not

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