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Young engineers Space program Story Empty Young engineers Space program Story

Post  Dick Russ Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:05 pm

When I was writing this story for you all to read about my experiences in the Space Program and hopefully with interest, I had someone in our family of modelers ask about some place that offered a place for people to visit and see and learn more about our world of flying and space travel

In Weatherford, Oklahoma about an hour or so west of Oklahoma City there is a Space Museum in honor of one of our Astronauts General Thomas Stafford. Better known as the Thomas Stafford Aerospace Museum. This Museum will take you on a spectacular tour of the life of one of our great Airforce Fighter pilots as well as one of the Airforce great Test pilots. Not only that he flew many missions as a NASA Astronaut including Apollo 8.

The museum will not only take you on his history as a test pilot, the museum will take you back in history with a display of the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer that you can touch and listen to the history of the beginning of flight, They also have a Real Original Curtis Pusher Biplane to enjoy seeing how flight progressed back in the 20's. You will get to see and touch an exact replica of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis plane he flew to France. The tour will also take you to world War 2 actual fighters along with the first ever German jet engine and fighter. You can continue on to present day fighters and trainers and see an actual German V2 Buss bomb and progress into the future to see an actual Gemini space ship along with an Apollo Space craft. One feature that is available only in this museum is a actual Space Shuttle cockpit where you can sit and dream. On route as we speak is some Jet aircraft never seen before along with Tom Stafford's fighter he flew.

So my friends, and especially those interested in the world of aviation and space travel, this is one museum that should be on your bucket list. When you get a chance look up the Museum on their website.

I personally met Tom Stafford when he was preparing to launch in Apollo 8 which I was a member of the Launch team at the Cape. He was a down to earth great guy. He is still alive and lives in Florida but comes to Weatherford quite often. Who knows, just maybe he would be at the Museum during your visit.

And last but not least, just around the corner from the museum is "Louise's famous Route 66 Restaurant". It has been in business on the famous Route 66 since Route 66 was our only way to get to the west. You don't want to miss a meal there.

Dick Russ
Dick Russ
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