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George's/hingeman's Big Comanche Empty Re: George's/hingeman's Big Comanche

Post  GallopingGhostler Sun Nov 20, 2022 6:50 pm

rsv1cox wrote:I didn't want to step on hingemans thread, but for me George's .15 powered Comanche ebay link came a day to late, no way I'm stepping on that.  Doubtful anyway with a shipping charge of $162.60 (to me in WV) but someone ought to pick it up.  Once in a lifetime chance for most.
Bob, you have a point, his shipping is way too high to justify purchasing it at the starting bid price. There are a lot better fish to fry.

And, at least for me, I am not big into the RTF's, just not my thing. I derive more satisfaction by building my own. Yes, I know what I say is academic for the moment, but who knows, may find myself in Kim's area near future, think our current location is slowly coming to a close.

My preference (again academic) would be to scratch build:

Outerzone C/L Plan# 2351: 29in OK Model Piper Cherokee
George's/hingeman's Big Comanche 235110
Outerzone photo.

Power it with a Gilbert .11 Thunderhead or Cox .049 Tee Dee or Medallion.

rsv1cox wrote:Same page was a nice little Cox Ryan .020 teaser, another one of my wants, if not needs. Cox RYAN st 20 GAS powered .020 trainer blue and white
George's/hingeman's Big Comanche S-l16010

Yeah, I saw that. At current bid US $152.50 and 5.5 days left to bid, they have already exceeded my marginal rate of substitution (old college economics term). Perhaps for the right person, it is the jewel that they are looking for, more power to them.
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