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Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Cox_ba12

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Tradewinds 36 Sailboat

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Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Empty Tradewinds 36 Sailboat

Post  Opie Mon Nov 13, 2023 6:30 pm

I have a Tradewinds 36 Sailboat that I'm looking to see if there is interest in these and what they may be worth.

Anyone know anything about this thing?
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Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Empty Re: Tradewinds 36 Sailboat

Post  sosam117 Tue Nov 14, 2023 3:27 pm

I have an "old' Tradewinds sailboat.
Have had it since the late 1980's.
Sailed it for a few years at the local fishing pond.
Put it up and away in the 1990's and has been gathering dust since then.

Here are photos of the inside equipment of the Airtronics 72Mhz radio with a sailwinch servo.
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Tradew12
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Tradew14
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Tradew15

Also have an "old" Riviera sailboat which was the one I purchased 1st then the Tradewinds.
Floated the Riviera around for a while as well.
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat Old_ri11

The Riviera needs new sails as over the years and sun light made the sails fragile.

I decided to than move up to the Kyosho Jet Stream GP-10 with an OS .10 glow engine.
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat 00_kyo14
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat 02_top13
Tradewinds 36 Sailboat 06_out12

Ran the Jet Stream a few times (in 1995) and cleaned her up and stored it away.
Didn't like when it ran out of fuel, then it was stuck in the middle of the pond --- now trying to throw (cast) a weighted fishing lure with a small bobber on the line as well, to snag the boat to bring it back to shore.

I put them up for sale on the "Boat" section of R/C Groups.
Got a lot of comments of how well the boat looked but no takers.

Later versions of the Jet Stream came out as electric versions so when the battery started dying you were able to steer it to the shore.

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