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Post  davidll1984 Thu Nov 30, 2023 11:43 pm

I would like to know more about these engines  Very curious to know if the little one with the prop attachment broken Would be repairable I just picked it up and I didn't start cleaning or dismantling without knowing How do we dismantle them? It seems difficult for some of them because I don't have the tools. For them, many of them probably need parts that are practically impossible to find, but we never know.

Spitzy 8 ? O&r  Img_2422
Spitzy 8 ? O&r  17014010

I found these two poor little ones who really need parts or a lot of creativity to make them functional
And Ohlsson and Rice Engine that seems to be missing parts like the other two but more complete
In the engine batch I found several very old engines obviously with COX engines. cheers
Spitzy 8 ? O&r  Img_2423
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Spitzy 8 ? O&r  Empty Re: Spitzy 8 ? O&r

Post  Ken Cook Fri Dec 01, 2023 4:23 am

I personally wouldn't take the Spitfire apart. Soak it if needed and try to remove the prop screw with grinding a slot and straight screw driver. There's absolutely no parts available. The cylinder screws into the case and the cylinder is quite soft. The case itself is as fragile as a eggshell and many times the ears are broken off. Many tried using pliers which totally screws it up cosmetically or it can even twist it.

The O&R is a sideport and it can be difficult sometimes figuring out the displacement if not clearly marked. The engine was offered as a spark ignition, later versions sold without the timer were for glow. Yours could be either or. You have the free flight tank which is somewhat of a rarity. In addition, the cylinder IS NOT REMOVABLE. The cylinder is spot welded on. When O&R started to remove the ignition timers and went to selling the version as glow, the cylinder were blowing off or breaking the case. O&R then began to detune the engine by lowering the compression to compensate. The engine is very anemic and this made the engine worse. These engine fell out of favor quite quickly. I personally love them as I find them to be easy starting in spark and glow. The O&R front case comes off and there's a unique thrust bearing used and the needles are loose in the cage which can be lost very easily if they fall out. There's no gaskets available and it's a very thin and a bit difficult to make. Keep the pitch at least a 6 pitch for most of the displacements the oil content at least 25% and the nitro 10% or under.
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