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Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY

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Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY - Page 2 Empty Re: Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY

Post  davidll1984 Wed Apr 03, 2024 6:40 am

I would like to make back plates with presure tap but the one way valve is more complex to make I found a part that could possibly replace the valve but I am unsure I imagine that the valve has no restriction as to the direction of flow The one I found has a slight resistance although minimal I believe that the motor would be incapable of countering the spring and succeeds in pressurizing correctly if the spring To hard ...? My question as I have never been able to find a valve or even a back plate with presur tap I would like to know the valve diameter specifications but above all how it works Whether the valve simply has a floating ball or with a spring and a slight resistance to prevent the engine crankcase from becoming completely depressurized ? I would like to find a substitute to replace this part ! Because I would like to carry out tests with small tuned pipes but I cannot use the pressure in the exhaust system so this system would I believe be the only option Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY - Page 2 17121410
I would like to install this cooling jacket exhaust collector on a tee dee with this exhaust system equipped with a restriction valve
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Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY - Page 2 Empty Re: Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY

Post  1/2A Nut Fri Apr 05, 2024 2:08 am

Stock Killer Bee .049 with a tuned pipe test / data review:

Testing a reed engine / tuned pipe functioning as a pump to draw
fuel / air through the engine without a pressure tap. A full wave
resonator can perform with low timed engines.

Slowly leaned the needle valve - careful to keep the engine in
a steady rpm climb rather than leaning out sagging or stopping.
The TD .051 Nano has flow well without pressure to 33K rpm.
A cooling aluminum backplate, 128 tpi needle valve with an
improved venturi could bump up another 1k rpm.

This run shows how steady the fuel draw behaves with the pump.

APC 4.6x3 @ 22,609 rpm:

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Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY - Page 2 Empty Re: Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY

Post  getback Fri Apr 05, 2024 7:26 am

Nice runs 1/2ANut !! Made me order some stuff for a TD .049 Turbo hd. /apc prop adaptor drive hub / spinner !! David if I where you I would contact kamtechnik and see if he could come up with something that looks good and performs as should ,, I looked and the smallest valve is 3/16" is what i could see even inline for a hose conn. fish tank supple co. Very Happy
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Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY - Page 2 Empty Re: Cox Engine Tests/reviews ONLY

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