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Sanding bars and other hints

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Free! Sanding bars and other hints

Post  fredvon4 on Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:00 pm

Sorry CEF friends if I posted about this previously ...yes I searched my own posts but came out dry

A question on another forum had me relate my sanding bar methods and sources

I actually learned this trick from Rusty

The great Planes sanding bars  (while a bit expensive) are super good tool -----BUT the GP PSA* paper is crazy expensive for what you get

Once upon a time (after Rusty schooled me to this tool) I managed to parley a coupon, large order, and get free shipping from Tower so I added 2 33" long Great planes sanding bars to the of the two, got hack sawed down to 4/6/12 inch pieces

Not liking the small amount- and price -of the 150G and 220G PSA sand paper... I searched and found this source:

* pressure sensitive adhesive

This false spring has me catching up on a few good idea projects:

One was a Plane rack.... out of PVC water pipe, Scheduled 40 using a series of "Ts" , 90s,  and the short sections of pipe...

The one I was copying had used 1" components

I had, on hand, a bunch of 3/4 pipe ----so bought the Ts and 90s in that size...


My 5 airplane vertical rack only uses 11" sections of the pipe. With each of the 5 planes... think Ring Master sized with .35 engines....Much too flimsy!!

So CEFers...if you see a Rack design you like on other forums... be it known... 1/2" or 3/4" sched 40 PVC is too flimsy for anything over 1/2a sized aircraft

For decades now I have Not Cut back "kote" for gluing say a wing or stab into the Fuselage...RATHER, I used to take a T pin and Poke a bizzilion holes through the covering into the balsa before gluing the part in...

Recently found a close out sale on the Wood Pecker (never got one before cuz of cost)... Very cool...just like a good set of Z bend Pliers...this tool is now a fond part of my kit of tricks and time savers....

Unfortunately the source has shut doors--- BUT if you find one cheaply, this is a great tool.... BUT please do NOT spend the usual $25~$28 price... a free T pin and some Pecking wrist time does the same thing

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