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Engine from Kim

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Engine from Kim Empty Engine from Kim

Post  chevyiron420 Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:37 pm

Two wen macs came in the mail today from Kim. Very Happy  I tinkered around with the MkXIII. The piston and glow head was stuck big time and heat wouldnt budge it. I set it to the side till later and stuck a poor piston/cylinder set in along with my Mecoa adapter head for some fun. The plug is a Merlin 1\2a plug. I wasnt expecting any profound performance out of it, and didnt get any. This spare cylinder has poor compression. I ran a half oz. through it slow and rich. After a cool down I fired it up again and needled it up to a two stroke, she made 13020 rpm with a 6x3 prop and 10% fuel. It started easy and adjusted well.
Engine from Kim Img_0213

Later I got some tools and removed the glow head from the original cylinder and drove the piston out with a punch. Man was it in there! I have two piston\rod assemblies coming from oldenginerod and I hope one of them will fit good so I can re-install the original cyl. back in. If I get a good fit she will go over 14000 rpm.
Engine from Kim Img_0214
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Engine from Kim Empty Re: Engine from Kim

Post  Oldenginerod Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:17 am

Well hopefully your pistons should arrive soon. Be sure to let me know when they get there. With all these Wen Macs you're collecting I should have sent you even more pistons. Laughing
By the way, I also have a limited number of earlier domed top Wen Mac pistons as well, if you're looking. Don't think they're new like the flat-top ones. I'm assuming that domed top=glow plug version and flat top= glow head version.
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Engine from Kim Empty Re: Engine from Kim

Post  Kim Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:46 am

Great to see them getting some good attention !!!!
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Engine from Kim Empty Re: Engine from Kim

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