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Cylinder question Babe_b10
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Cylinder question Empty
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Cylinder question

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Cylinder question Empty Cylinder question

Post  Levent Suberk on Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:30 am

I want to ask:

1- Can I run a Babe Bee piston in a TD cylinder? (I want to fit TD cylinder on a Babe Bee)

2- All TD cylinders are tapered?

3- Cox pistons are not tapered, but several kinds of cylinders. Is this right? Do you know any tapered Cox piston? (Do not mean ringed pistons)

Thanks for information.
Levent Suberk
Levent Suberk
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Cylinder question Empty Re: Cylinder question

Post  pkrankow on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:09 am

All cox cylinders will fit all cox engines.  Ok, maybe not exactly with the major size differences, but the .049
.050 and .051 are interchangeabe between TD and reed engines. The piston must match the cylinder .049, .050, .051 pistons are different diameters.

Not all pistons are tapered.  The newer pistons are not tapered.  If you have a piston and cylinder loose, very gently push the piston up past the normal top dead center position.   If the piston becomes tight in the cylinder there is "pinch" because the cylinder is tapered and the skirt of the piston flares.  If the piston passes either the piston or cylinder is straight walled.  Since tapered cylinders usually only allow the pistion slightly past the head seat, and in my experience practically all pistons have a larger skirt, it should be obvious.  Be gentle as you can jam a piston in the cylinder with little force.

There is a chart halfway down that offers some guidance for number stamped cylinders.

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