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New Cub from EBay  - Page 3 Empty

New Cub from EBay

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New Cub from EBay  - Page 3 Empty Re: New Cub from EBay

Post  YakNine on Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:12 am

Eddy wrote:Hi Mr. nine. Your new .049 A engine has me wondering, as I've for the life of me, have not come across the likes of that. I couldn't even begin to guess about it. A couple things I noticed, the extended needle, the back plate does have the ring and bolt hole for the small fuel tank that some of the B engines came with. With the 2 other missing holes that would hold the red fuel tank, and they were omitted being drilled and tapped at the factory, for a reason, and who knows? It would be interesting to look back at the history of the engine. The .074, if it has a serial number, would date it along with the add on fuel tank as an early model, say from the very early 50's. The aluminum fuel tank was a standard order from the factory right up till closing. I have some .074 engines, and they are quite the powerhouse with a 6x3 or 4 prop, depending what you mount them on. I have an original P.D.Q. Baby Clown, with the 24 in. wing span, and have a Cub .074 mounted, and it is an absolute hoot to fly on 42 ft lines. The .074 and the .099 for sure, are loud and noise engines. I wouldn't even think about using that aluminum prop.  
I sent an E-Mail to Ted At OK Engine he said it was from a run of engines they built for a plane with a plastic fuselage and Balsa wings that had a built in fuel tank but the name escaped him at the moment. TJ
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