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cox rc cars gtp 049 mod

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Thinking Re: cox rc cars gtp 049 mod

Post  getback Fri Oct 29, 2021 7:39 am

davidll1984 wrote:Strap starter how To maque them flexible like new first let the part in hot water Not boling in pot y use long heat résistent conteiner make sure strap Not bent let it sit long as posible.befor water start To cool down too mutch place part dry and aply wd40 lubecox rc cars gtp 049 mod  - Page 3 16043310
on the part let cool down place part in bag let it for night it wil penetrate in plastiques make it flexible like new
Thanks for the prime trick David , I think i need to do this to my starter strips too . They were made per Jason here on CEF and are beeing tested , But i have already broken one Sad I see you only pull it a short distance to engage , I was pulling it all the way through and was hard to keep engaged with sprocket . This Site Rocks!
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Thinking Re: cox rc cars gtp 049 mod

Post  davidll1984 Fri Oct 29, 2021 9:17 am

Yes it's true that it's a bit difficult to use but once you have the trick it's easy We must let the strap rub on the Front part of the aluminium motor support and pull towards the rear a little to engage properly Have a smooth surface under the rear of the car so that the strap slides well Prepare the engine well so as not to crank for nothing i dont use the choke Don't really follow the instructions Remove the head to crank at the start the compression is very( large hi) , leave the head loose for the pre-heat it take Not mutch like two second kil the engine wit flywheel than instal heatsink after The tightening of the head Most importantly, the ignition source use a Good glow igniter fuly charge to start them ritch it help and dont pul like crazy just A quick quickie pull A short stroke Be careful not to return it over quickly in case of a second pull Wink Thumbs Up
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