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Waking up my old Bees Cox_ba12

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Waking up my old Bees Empty

Waking up my old Bees

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Waking up my old Bees Empty Waking up my old Bees

Post  Ken Cook Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:26 pm

Some of my Bees have been at rest for 40 years. I freshened up 3 the other night and took them out to run today. First Bee thin wall started up in 4 flips. The other 2 I took apart were no different. All were working extremely well responding to the needle and no funny business. These all had W plugs as well which surprised me that they were working so well. I had 16 total in the box and I just started pulling them out and trying them. To my surprise, these old turkeys would start right up. It really amazes me that what was considered a toy can still work as well as it did when it was new. How many people still have the toys they had when they were little? My son was getting a kick out of it. I designated him the starter. None of my engines look like museum pieces. Some look quite horrid with grime on them, I think one in the box was growing hair. They work though and to me, that's what's important.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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Waking up my old Bees Empty Re: Waking up my old Bees

Post  balogh Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:22 pm

Same feeling here Ken..whenever I start up one of my old stock COX engines I am amazed that no matter how long ago they worked last, they just wake up so dependably as if someone put them in rest just yesterday..unbelievable toys that never cease to fascinate me. Small Cox Logo RC Plane
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Waking up my old Bees Empty Re: Waking up my old Bees

Post  Marleysky Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:31 pm

Good to hear your positive results of playing with the “toys” from your attic. I started out with a cigar box full of Baby Bees and a couple of Testors 049’s from way back during the “Sprite”  Airplane and Indy car promo days. The collection has slowly grown to Coffee can size bins to now full fledged plastic totes. As a youngster, I tried to stay loyal to one Manufacturer , to prevent spreading my meager budget too thin,  so only Cox glow heads, props, wrenches and fuel were my field kit and readily available from the LHS. I think it was Kim who said we’re pursuing our childhood hobby with an adult sized budget! Now I’ve sorted them by Cox, Testors, AMF, Wen Mac, McCoy, Enya’s ( thanks to RSV! ) Gilbert, and now even a few Diesels and plus a few miscellaneous K&B, Attwood, Etc.
Yeah, I was just thinking about having a “test and tune” day or more aptly a Run or No Run day of grabbing a engine out the tote, squirt some prime and power the glow plug to see if they start and run. Then sorting them by “Runners ” or “Not Runners”. Right now the criteria is shiny and clean vs Dog dirty and stuck!  lol!
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Waking up my old Bees Empty Re: Waking up my old Bees

Post  944_Jim Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:40 pm

Ah, Ken,

Old boys' toys is correct!
I still have my AFX slotcars from the 70's. The boys and I got a kick out of running them a few years back.
The N-scale railroad from the early 80's is in my Hobby Closet after pulling a very short stint in my youngest son's room a few years ago. I pulled it back when I discovered the boy and friends trying to create "crash scenes" with no regard for the age of the plastic or the cost of current replacements.
They tolerated model airplanes, but stiffened at CL flying. Neither wants to share the hobby I have happily returned to.
Model rockets flew once each, built from a collection of 40 year old kits.

All of the toys fascinated them briefly (5 minutes) then the boys returned to their toys...Sony PS4, smartphones, or tablets.

Oddly, each boy wonders why he doesn't have skills to go from raw material to finished product. Yet neither boy grasps what they lack are the very things I've tried to teach them. They want hotrod cars, but lack the skills to build them. This despite the fact that I have full hand tools, power tools, full car length drive-on service ramps, jacks, and even a garage heater.

Apparently their generation wants to turn on virtual toys, visit virtual places to "kill each other" or "run each other off the road" rather than engage the real world. The oldest turned 18 a few days back and loudly declared his adulthood and desire to purchase a handgun. This was emphatically squashed when I told him the day he brings a handgun home is the day he takes it to his home, not mine. For the record I do support the 2nd amendment AND responsible gun ownership (they both have been to a gun range). I did tell them if they found a safe that fits within certain size limits, then firearms can be secured in the house...neither researched to find the appropriate safe.

Oops,.sorry for the rant.

I, on the other hand, will continue to enjoy my old toys. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a kid again when smelling the ozone from old brushed electric motors, smoke from model rockets, castor and nitro from the planes...but now I can afford the toys.

Old boys with old toys rock!
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Waking up my old Bees Empty Re: Waking up my old Bees

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