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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Cox_ba12

Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Pixel

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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty
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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

Post  Grosvince Wed Apr 21, 2021 4:03 pm

Hello !

I have given a try to this throttle ring / muffler assembly. I can only achieve rpm reduction by 3000 rpm (16000 top, 13000 idle). Any ideas ?

Need advice on throttle/muffler ring 20210410

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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty Re: Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

Post  balogh Wed Apr 21, 2021 4:51 pm

The purpose of this muffler was noise attenuation. If you go for throttle control then buy yourself an exhaust throttle barrel that sits tight around the cylinder and, while not killing the peak rpm like your muffler, it will help reduce the speed to around 7k when throttling the exhaust.
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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty Re: Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

Post  davidll1984 Wed Apr 21, 2021 7:27 pm

I see why this is the wrong cylinder This type of throttle control work Good its use wit cars Run an engine slow enough to disengage a clutch so this parts is Not made for this engine cylinder ...change cylinder wit piston now from the picturs if this exaust fit the cylinder in the picturs is Not Good and change cylinder wil Not change Just make it worst this parts use ground cylinder wit large exaust opening only Not the one wit slited exaust m'y work Perfect look this is a gtp cars engine one of the Most performer in Reed valve engines the next one just tee dee .049 Not finish
Need advice on throttle/muffler ring 16190510
Just a preview of my next engine modify to participate in the next cox engine of the month as i say i wil never post the same parts engine News every month I sometimes have to abstain because I am not working on anything this month Sometimes too much at once that I can't publish them all Anyway for what that changes they will vote by friendship not for the best look sometimes very absurd but these just my opinion I say that I say nothing hope u fix this engine Thumbs Up
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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty Re: Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

Post  roddie Wed Apr 21, 2021 7:54 pm

Hi Vincent! I saw your query on a Facebook group earlier; which I also subscribe to.. and wanted to reply as CEF member balogh (Andras) did with his comment above. You should be able to source a replacement Cox .049 engine cylinder and sleeve. The original (early) "set" was precision/machined/ground using the same metal. The outer "barrel" also has ports spaced 180 degrees from the other and a slot for a C-clip, which can adjust the total exhaust-port-aperture.. which works really nice.. providing your engine is in good tune. You may want to try alternate pistons when swapping a cylinder. If you have donors.. "Check one or two".. to see if there's better compression. Be sure to have a good gasket under a good snugged-down glowhead when checking compression. I like to apply some light oil. The glow-fuel will provide the same feel.. when you're ready to run her up!
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Need advice on throttle/muffler ring Empty Re: Need advice on throttle/muffler ring

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