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Easily start Cox Baja bug Cox_ba12

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Easily start Cox Baja bug Empty
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Easily start Cox Baja bug

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Easily start Cox Baja bug Empty Easily start Cox Baja bug

Post  Ken7777 Thu Sep 29, 2022 8:50 am

Morning people. Ken here. Many a year collector of cox products. So when the pull start  goes south on products like the bug, chopper, and dune buggy, is there an easier way to start them other than spinning by hand?  Wrapping cord around the fan is somewhat futile.
Also are there normal glow plugs available for them without getting the adapter type?  
My goal once I get these old guys is to get them running, take a video of it, then placing them on display. When I had them as a kid, we beat the tar outta them and had a blast. I remember cleaning them after each run and waiting for the next chance to tear them up.
Thanks and I look forward to sharing info.
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Easily start Cox Baja bug Empty Re: Easily start Cox Baja bug

Post  Marleysky Thu Sep 29, 2022 9:44 am

Unfortunately the "worm gear" type pull start does not lend itself to hand spinning like the Corvette/Rivera/FordGT gear driven cars. You would have to repair/rebuild the pull start to get them to run. BUT, ya never know someone here may have devised a method to do just what you want!! There are parts for them upon ebay every now and then. We have instructions in the "INFO" section files.
Yes, there are OEM glow heads available from our sponsors:
Ex-Model Engines and Cox International:
ALL you need is some 1/2a fuel, 1-1/2 volt battery and a good glowhead to make some noise, a smell and excitement!!
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