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Well, a Cox Electra J3 Cox_ba12

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Well, a Cox Electra J3 Empty
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Well, a Cox Electra J3

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Well, a Cox Electra J3 Empty Well, a Cox Electra J3

Post  MauricioB Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:22 pm

Well, a Cox Electra J3
A few years ago a friend showed up at my business with this box and told me: Mauri, I bought this a while ago, I wanted to put it together, but it wasn't really what I thought, I thought it was a wooden model, anyway. . It wasn't what I thought. So it occurred to me that one day you would put it together, well here it is, if you want it, it's yours!!
....Of course I want it!!!, was my answer one day I will assemble it to my liking....only time...
Looking at the parts, I see that they have removed some decorations and the engine, it also has the Cox logo removed, I don't know what happened....maybe my friend wanted to do something and put some hands here, but I abandoned it, whatever, I think the time has come, but of course, I'm not going to make it electric, I'm not going to use the radio equipment it comes with either, I'll just use the model plane... coming soon!... Electra J3 Cox to Glow J3 Cox!!
Well, a Cox Electra J3 Img-2272
Well, a Cox Electra J3 Img-2273
Well, a Cox Electra J3 Img-2274

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