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Post  rsv1cox Sun Nov 19, 2023 8:31 am

I bought one years ago to see what was knocking over my bird feeder almost every night. Found out. I have posted this picture here before.

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But it used batterys quickly to the tune of about eight AA batterys every couple of weeks. Old technology.

So my son bought a new one a couple of months ago at Costco and placed it on the new lots next to mine. State of the art. Downloads to his I phone and records time and temperture. Batterys last a month or more and takes hundreds of pictures which he shares with me.

Deer, squirrels, racoons, cats, the occasional me, etc.

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The other day the camera recorded this, a first. You would think headlights but no, it's quite elevated but still low on the horizon. Could be the C-17 that fly's over my house on training missions.

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Same perspective but in daylight.

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